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NSW Registering a written-off Ducati

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bruce Ngo, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, I have bought a Monster 659 2012 which has been written off by Insurance company. I got a suggestion that the only way to re-register the bike is find another frame with another VIN number. However, a RMS told me that it risky if the VIIU can realize it because the engine number wasn't changed. So does anyone know where to find it? If you have any other ideas just suggest me. I'm stuck now. Thanks a lot.

  2. Start by telling us where you are located, each state and territory in Australia has differenet rules.

    Which leads me to option 2. You can register it in Victoria, so either move, or sell it.
  3. RMS is the NSW roads authority
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    Thanks for replying. I'm in NSW, you said I can re-register it in Vic but the written off paper noticed that this bike cannot be re-registered anywhere in Australia.

    I just forgot to notice my bike is statutory written off. So it cannot be re-registered in any state in Aus. That's the reason why I ask where could I find another frame with VIN number then I can swap my bike over. Thanks
  5. Yep, a statutory write off is a no go anywhere. You might be better off putting all the parts on Ebay, might make some money if you have the patience.

    Check the wreckers for a frame. Problem is that in all cases it will have been a written off hence the new home in a wrecking yard, so you are still up poo creek.

    Now you know why the price seemed like such a steal.
  6. 1. Split and sell for spares
    2. Auction (as a write off)
    3. Track bike
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    Honestly, I just purchased $3,300 for this written off bike because the seller said it could be swapped over if I could find a frame with another VIN number which have never been written off. So I've though it wouldn't to hard if I try. Now I realize I was so stupid when I purchased more than $3000 for a rubbish.

    So is it impossible to find another frame that have never been written off?
  8. Im selling some beans if you're interested. They are magical.
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  9. How about....nah you've probably already the bridge :)
    Think about Wombles suggestions, all more realistic than what you were planning.
  10. Not impossible but good luck (your going to need it).
  11. caveat emptor
  12. Buy another (registered )bike and use the"wreck"for spares. It is not difficult to run up a $3000 spares bill in the life of a bike.
  13. From my experience VIIU cost approx. $500-$600 (from memory) and blueslip cost $50-$60 - this was 4-5 years ago so prices probably would of gone up.
    So that's around another $500-$700(min) just to get it re-registered if you can even manage that.
    In my opinion though, if you find another frame/VIN cheap enough, chances are that the 2nd one would probably be taken off a written-off bike anyway.
    Regardless, best bet would obviously wreckers around the area.
    What area are you from?
  14. Who's going to wreck a bike that hasn't been written off and has a perfectly good frame?

    The only way is to get financial write off from another state, that has a good frame, but then you'd be better off putting that bike back on the road and using your current bike for spares.

    The only other way is to buy a new frame from Ducati. Then you'd be building a new bike, and that opens a whole new kettle of worms, not to mention the sore butt from Ducati.

    I'd suggest parting it out on ebay. If you don't want to do that, then sell it whole as a write off.

    And what do you mean by "forgot to notice"? If the seller was deceptive then there MAY be recourse.
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  15. When you purchased the bike, did the advert disclose it was write off and what sort of write of it is? There are laws, in Victoria at least to protect people from unknowingly purchasing written of vehicles.

    Failing that, re-sell it as you'll spend a fortune trying to get it on the road and put it down to a life lesson.