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NSW Registering A Custom Motorcycle

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rat man407, Nov 15, 2012.

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    anybody tried it if so how hard was it to go thought?

  2. I think it helps if you know an engineer who can sign off on the mods.

    Is it a bike you built?
  3. has the bike ever been rego before ?? when you say custom what has been dun to bike'?? have you cut the frame?? need more info on what you call custom .is the bike a inport???? i have built what you might call a custom as in cafe style and bobber style , i regod them in stock form first then i custom build them ,its the easy way to go ,when its time for re rego i go to a car garage and get a pink slip as they dont know anything about bikes ,,,,and all good for a nother year ,i have sold bikes like this and never had any problems fom the buyers over the years ,,,so more info on what your going to do to the bike
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    i'm talking about importing an engine and building everything else your self type custom bike like the frame, tank, seat, guards ect ect ect

    more then likely buy the suppression setup and stuff like that
  5. nothing wrong with dreaming ,,,its a big call to build a bike from scratch ,you must have a good work shop and tools to even think about it,have you ever dun any metal work ,welding ,basic engineering,?im not saying it carnt be dun ,i have seen home made frame built .....what style are you looking at ??,,,i say find a custom bike build shop and go there and meet the people that do it for a living and hang around the shop and pick there brains , tell them what you want to do ,remember they were like you when they were young , you never know they may see that sparkle in your eye and offer you help or even a job at the work shop ,,guys that do custom builds do it for the love of it ,show them you want to do it and nothing is going to stop you doing what you want ,,,,
  6. yeah i have done a lot of metal work and build go cart's from scratch i know it not the same thing but i know what i'm doing pretty well plus it would not be just me it would be my group of mates as well and most of us exp metal working and other stuff so should be fine on that front as for going to a shop to have a look the close one is about 2-3 hours away