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registering a bike I bought interstate (i'm in SA)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nortorious, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. I just bought a bike in VIC. I'm bringing it home on a trailer this weekend.

    It's got VIC rego at the moment and when I register here in Adelaide they'll perform what Transport SA termed a 'small roadworthy check".

    After some pointy questions about what that meant and what they were looking for I was referred by the guy to check out the ADR website for my particular model as a guide. He also said to have a mechanic look it over to make sure it's roadworthy.

    The bike is a 2007 DRZ400 E. It's got 1000 km's on the clock. Very good nick. It's got aftermarket lights (those small indicators), fender eliminator and aftermarket brake light. Plus the baffle has been removed from the can. It's also been de-restricted.

    Can anyone offer information on what I'm trying to do here. Do I need to replace all the stock stuff back onto the bike? How Nazi are these checks?

    Any information would be appreciated. Cheers, nortorious.
  2. IMO, you should have asked these ?'s to Transport SA before you bought it. I don't kno what it's like in SA, but I know it used to be a nightmare here in VIC, many moons ago. Don't kno about now tho.

    Here you had to take it to what was commonly refered to as "The Pits" which would send a shiver down your spine. Legend has it that they would go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb, and if your vahicle wasn't pristine, it wouldn't pass. Very, very nit-picky.

    I would hazzard a guess that the removal of the baffle will kill it straight up, as it won't comply with ADR noise restrictions pertaining to that model.

    The after market lights have to be ADR approved too. I know this 'cause I just changed the tailights on my car :wink: .

    The de-restriction shouldn't be a problem, provided your licence status complies with your States licencing laws.

    Good luck with it :wink: .
  3. Shouldn't be too bad mate, I bought my VTR to SA from VIC, all they checked was engine numbers and vin plates. Not sure if it's because it looked pretty stock or not, but they didn't seem to be too interested in much other than the numbers. It also had debaffled pipes, braided lines and different indicators. They didn't blink an eyelid. Hope you have the same luck.


    There's a 6 foot bald guy, mid 40's, pray you get him. He rides too. :)
  4. RWC mechanics are not qualified to check compliance wih ADR's. That's a job for an engineer.

    They will check.........


    Lights work, brakes work, tyres have tread, bike generally not dangerous to ride.

    Other than that, most of them don't give a rats clacker what's done to the bike.
  5. This is correct.

  6. cheers for the info and opinions dudes, I pick it up this sunday and will report back after I've been to transport SA. cheers, nortorious. (can't wait to go for a fang!!!!)
  7. Update on this subject:

    I just went into the inspection place at Regency Park and was informed all I need to do is have an identity check which goes something like this - you show up with bike, they check that the numbers match and it's not stolen. They sign your form. You take form to the registration place and they add $46 to the cost of your registration to cover the ID check. That's it.
    I'll take a half do off soon and get it out the way. (Then i'll post up and say how it went.)
    Cheers, nortorious. :grin:
  8. There ya go. Seems things have slackened off over the yrs :grin: .
  9. Told ya :grin: