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Region free blu-ray

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. been having a bit of a look on the internet machine to try find a budget region-free blu-ray player as my PS3 doesn't play anything other than "B".

    I saw this one from kogan which I'm thinking of having a stab at, but before I do I thought I'd check the oracle (aka netrider) to see if anyone has:

    a) had experience with that kogan model
    b) has another budget blu-ray player which is region free.​

    I'd just like to finish off by saying that regionised blu-rays and DVD's are balls because Australian distributors of non-mainstream movies are well behind the rest of the world in terms of release dates.
  2. If you have some model numbers try a search here for some hacks to make players region free.

    I've done it to two of my dvd players
  3. yeah I spent a bit of time looking at the remote input codes you can whack in for region-freeness. But a lot of them only seemed to unlock the DVD regions (which I think are numbered 0-8 or something) and not the blu-ray regions (A,B,C).

    There seems to be a little ambiguity in this area regarding blu-ray.
  4. OK. Need to keep that in mind when getting a bluray.
  5. I got an Allure bluray for $99 about a year ago from clive peters. You can change the region by entering a code in the menu. Pretty sweet deal, not sure if its still current though.
  6. cheers james

    just got this email from a company rep at Gerry Harvey's arch enemy:

  7. No worries. I've only heard good things about Kogan
  8. Ask around at a few of the Electrical stores, brands like LG, Sharp and Pioneer could be made Region free, I personally would not touch anything Kogan ever put his name to.
    The guy is a tool!
    If you want a really good Bluray player, and you have a few $$ to spend have a look around on the web for an Oppo BluRay player. pretty much one of the best players on the market and very easy to make region free.
  9. Elaboration?
  10. +1

    Mkey do you know the guy or have you purchased from Kogan before and not been satisfied?
  11. To me, it came across more as an issue with the owner than the product.
  12. It's a combination of Both, The Idea of someone coming along and sticking it to the Established Electrical retail system is great, but Mr Kogans Service, Support backup and mouth leave a lot to be desired.

    A bit of background and disclosure, I have been in the Electrical Retail game for over 10 years, I was Salesman/Manager for companies like Myer, Retravision, WOW Sight and Sound and The Good Guys, I am also a qualified Service Technician having worked for Canon Australia. I have since moved Interstate, I am still in Retail, just not in Electrical Retail. My comments are my own, My comments do not represent the policies or positions of the previously mentioned Companies.

    First off, I have seen Kogans products first hand, there not bad, but quality fit and finish leave a bit to be desired, he is generally using older generation product and software, but it generally works and that's the main thing for most people wanting to save a few $$, but when I worked for one of the above retailers we lost count how many times we used to get people in with products that Kogan had sold, and when people went to get help or advice from the Company, they offered the absolute minimum amount of help or advice, or left people more confused than when they made contact with Kogans Support Dept, I also know of a couple of service agents who refuse to deal with Kogan as they were not being paid for the Warranty work they were doing, and parts would take many weeks/months to be supplied.

    His TV's use LG and Samsung panels, that does not mean they have picture quality anywhere near those companies in quality. any company can buy parts from LG or Samsung, what most people don't know or understand is that the Processing, software, back light design, Etc make the TV, you may have a great panel, but if you have a average quality processor, the TV will struggle to extract the best from that panel.
    Classic example, LG developed a great new 1920 x 1080 HD panel for there new LCD TV's about 3 years ago, if the picture was motionless, or very had very slow motion, the picture was great, but fast motion caused the TV to get the "Jaggies" or worse, break up completely, the TV also struggled to get a good Black, with a black background the picture always looked dark Grey, not a deep rich Black, no matter how low you set the brightness or backlight brightness.
    On the other hand, that same Panel was also used by Phillips in there TV, they had a very powerful processor and superb software, in the Philips TV the picture was always smooth and clean, and when showing a dark picture the black was nice and dark.
    Same Panel, totally different result. This is part of the issue I have, he claims his TV's are as good and if not better than everyone else, but from what I have personally seen with my own 2 eyes, and from what others have also seen this is often not the case. just one example:

    I have not used the Kogan Bluray player myself, but it also appears to be another typical Kogan product, an awful lot of Hype, but not much in the delivery. Read the user comments/reviews at the end of this Cnet Article about his Bluray player. This is a review from 2009, but the model has not changed.
    We used to get people come into the Store I was at, asking for help and assistance trying to set it up or fault find, but we refused, we didn't know the product, we didn't sell it, and now people wanted us to help them and take time away from our customers because Kogans guys couldn't/didn't want to help. no, sorry, they sold it, they made the money, they should help there customers. If you purchased from me and something went wrong I went out of my way to make the problem right and keep my Customer smiling, so why should my customers suffer because I'm stuck helping out Kogan customers.

    Mr Kogan also has a bad habit of running his mouth before checking the facts, a recent example, he recently came out and said JB Hi Fi was going to lose Apple and was going to cost them 30% of there business, again he had no proof, no facts to back up his statement, read here:
    and once again Mr Kogan has egg on his face, and the sad part is he does this all the time.

    Look at the end of the day, you buy what you want to buy, from whomever you want to buy it from, Kogan is right in one thing, Retailers like Myer and Harvey Norman are out of date and behind the times, and I hope the Industry rumors of Amazon coming to Australia are true, But what worries me is the amount of people seduced by his cheap prices, only to be burnt because of poor quality and/or poor backup and service.

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

    Just my $0.02
  13. And again Mr Kogan goes out of the way to make an Knob of himself, he thinks it is stirring up business for his website and his company, but all he is doing is making himself look the fool. This guy has a bad case of Foot in Mouth Disease.


    Apple may very well pull product out of some retailers, relying on there own Stores and Dedicated range of specialized dealers, But Apple used to be a specialist dealer only style of product, that got them minimal growth, and only a limited range of dedicated fans, Now Apple is expanding into other Retailers like WOW sight and Sound and even the hard core Discounter like The Good Guys. And it's worked. Apple is a very secretive and controlling Company, but cutting off it's retail channels, particularly with someone as big as JB, I don't think even Apple is that dumb.