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Regards from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Igor, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. Hi guys, my name's Igor. I' live in Hurstville at the moment, and drive a GSX-R 1000 k9 which i bought 5 days ago :-({|= I was looking for a forum when i can meet a people and going on cruises around the country, so I can't wait for a better weather and some decent cruise.

  2. welcome Igor from hurstville...........bunch of great guys in the forum.
  3. G'day Igor. I think you've found it, mate. Welcome aboard.
  4. welcome Igor!

    how long you been riding for? :)
  5. I [strike]drive[/strike] RIDE a bike too
  6. lol sorry for my english, is not perfect. I'm in Australia since 2009 so i'm still learning :D. I've been riding for a bit longer time overseas, since i was 7-8 i guess. Since i came here, firstly i had a CBR 600, z750 and now i finally got what i wanted. I'll post some photos of the bike later on. Thanks guys
  7. Privet Igor!

    Hope you get some good weather soon... I know I'm itching to ride my girl who's been a bit neglected in this rain.
  8. Pics or GTFO.
    Oh and welcome, Igor - was that you riding up King George's in the rain with me about 7am today?
  9. welcome Igor, Netrider is a great place (y)

  10. What about your bike?

    btw Welcome Igor :)
  11. What country you from Igor?
  12. Nope, but i think i know what you're talking about. There is a guy on king georges around 7 am with a black gsx-r, but 600 so its probably him that you've seen.

    @goz: I'm from Macedonia, i'm studying at the moment here.
  13. It was a blue 1000...
  14. ahhh kaj si :)
  15. Welcome Igor!
  16. haha sekade ne ima :D
  17. Welcome to NR IGOR,

    mate i m from beverlyhills area, but ride a lot smaller bike , an Aprilia RS 125.
    Is your GXS-R in black, thought I have seen ya near beverly hills station.

  18. Nice, welcome!

    Im in Picnic Point, should organise a ride one day.