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Regarding Virago speed boost via larger sprocket

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Brionnach, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I have heard that one can get a small speed boost, at the sacrifice of a little torque, by changing the front 16 tooth sprocket for a 17 tooth. Has anyone done this upgrade, and if so, what experiences have you had with it?

  2. Andrea, I think you would be better to gear it down a little, which means a smaller front sprocket.

    This will give it better acceleration through the gears, perhaps at the expense of the top speed. If you reduce the front sprocket by 1 tooth, you can usually get away with a standard length chain.

    Putting a larger front sprocket on will labour the engine, hurting acceleration. The larger front sprocket will not necessarily give it a higher top speed either, unless it is revving out in top gear currently.

    It's always best to replace the sprockets and chain together, but it depends on how worn they are as to wther you can get away with just changing teh front sprocket.
  3. If its a virago 250 my partner have that bike and i have a XVS650 just the weight bit different i have only ridden few times and the xvs650 is much better nothing need to be done wif good luck
  4. I find my bike does start to rev a little high at 120+ kms in top gear. Thanks for the tips though, I'll keep them in mind :)
  5. I'm looking at buying a bigger bike in the future. The V-Star 1100 has impressed me; suprisingly light and easy to handle, probably because of the low centre of gravity. It's also lower than any other Yammy, so I would probably go for that over the 650. Thanks for sharing your experience though :)