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regaining license

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bolox, May 8, 2005.

  1. just curious, if you lose ur license, (too many points)
    after 3 months do you automaticly get it back?
    or do you have to resit your test?

    and.. do you have toi go through the 12 month resitrictions again?

  2. Not sure what the deal is with Perth and their rules, in Victoria, if your licence is suspended due to too many points then you are not allowed to drive for 3 months, or you can take the option of being on a 12 month bond.
    If you pick up 1 point in that 12 month bond period you do your licence for 12 months.

    Drivers with full licence are allowed to accumilate 12 points, probationary drivers are allowed 5 points.

    Pricktoads website has all the info for Victoria.

    Perth would have an equivalent roads authority, do a search on that site.
  3. Just to elaborate a little on Vic's post for VIC rules:

    If you cop 12 points in the same three year period then you have the option of a 3 month suspension, or keeping your license with a 12-month good behaviour. Cop a point in that period, and it's a 6 month suspension (not 12 - the rules say double what you would have previously received).

    For a probationary license, it's 5 points in one year, not three (although the 12 in three years still applies, I believe). Again, same deal - but as a probationary licensee, you may lose your license for a longer period and/or have your probationary time increased and/or have restrictions added to your license.

    More or less. Just read the pamphlet from VicRoads the other day. :p
  4. In answer to the actual question, I believe you have to go and ask for your licence back but you don't have to sit a test.
  5. yes you automaticaly get it back after the 3 months, and your restrictions get that 3 month period ADDED
    eg: if you where due to get off restrictions in May that period would extend till Aug !

    oh im not on restrictions but i get my lic back in 6 days WOO HOO :D

    after 6 months of not riding at all :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. :d excelent.. thats what i want to hear

    means i dont have to wait another year for my Ducati :D

    howd you lose ur license VTRBob?
  7. that clasified .... i could tell you then i'd have to kill you :p

    Nah 40k over the posted limit
    automatic 6 mth suspension AND $320 fine !!
  8. Good work :)

    I just got done for 10kph over in the cage and I'm thinking to meself "at this rate, I'll run out of demerits in under a year".

    Where / what speed?
  9. You guys are pussies!!! Try blowing .21 BAC, on my bike, on P plates!!! 2 years and $1500.... 8)

    EDIT: Please note the inherent sarcasm at my apparent pride... :?
  10. Heh. You're pulling my leg, right?

    That said, the number of times I've ridden home from the pub on the push-bike while barely able to stand...

    (and don't give me that. This was back in Adelaide, where there's no goddam traffic late on a Thursday night and the only person I was a danger to was meself)
  11. Was going to try to use that as a defense, lawyer advised against it.

    Yeah, all true, had my P's all of 2 weeks, lost it for 2 years, now had to go back on my L's cause my P's would have expired in the time I was unlicensed.

    Go figure...
  12. Yeah... this was all of course before I knew that you could lose your car/motorbike license for being drunk on a pushy.
  13. Interesting.

    Mate of mine was a mad keen cyclist. He used to ride through red light cameras on his racer, just for giggles.... :D :D :D :D