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NSW Reg check not matching description

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ForNeverAlone, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. is it something that can happen or should i stick well clear?
    Ive been offered a yzf r125 in red , seems they took off all stock stickers (Part 1 of the seediness)
    Part 2 : I ran a rego check , and it is the same weight as other r125's but....
    The motorbike is registered as a "MBK industries motorcycle."
    Can this be a mistake? or is it legit a cheap knock off that even has the yamaha logos on the handlebars / tank?

    Attached file is a screenshot of the bike in question compared to an r125

    Attached Files:

  2. Your pics show 2 different VIN's.

    Check the VIN and the first couple of characters will determine the manufacturer and the model, the 10th identifier determines the year of manufacture.
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  3. Yes , the first one is the bike in question.
    2nd one is a comparison of a registered r125 i ran the plates on
  4. seems dodgy
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  5. if in doubt, walk away - the only time I will recommend walking over riding!
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  6. Agreed. Dodgy. Walk away.
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  7. thanks , Will give this a pass!
  8. Google has this on MBK Industries New South Wales

    Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Merchant Wholesalers

    MBK Group Pty. Ltd. is an automobiles and motor vehicles company in Guildford. This private company was founded in 1998. MBK Group Pty. Ltd. has been around as long as the typical organisation, and 2 fewer years than the typical automobiles and motor vehicles company.

    The organisation generates $5.19M in annual revenue (modeled), which is 170% higher than the average for all automobiles and motor vehicles companies in Canada ($1.92M) - this puts the organisation in the top 30% of companies in the industry.

    The organisation employs 10 people (estimated). In New South Wales, an average company has between 5 and 1769 employees, meaning that MBK Group Pty. Ltd. employs a typical amount of people.

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  9. So the listing quotes their revenue against CANADIAN companies but doesn't specify what a "typical' automobile company is?
    Something smells fishier than the early morning markets at noon!
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  10. Sounds like a grey importer.
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  11. Or importing Chinese knock-offs
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  12. MBK are a French scooter manufacturer who are a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha. They used to make motorcycles too. It's possible they did an MBK badged version in Europe, but the brand is pretty unknown here so it would probably be a grey import and there would have to be some paper trail for that and the local compliance inspection. Parts could be a problem and the bike is probably old enough to start worrying about that. I thought that model was discontinued in 2008, so I'm surprised to see a 2010 build date.

    When small capacity motorcycles are so cheap and readily available, why look for trouble. I would leave this one alone.
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  13. fatbastardfatbastard has pointed in the right direction. However, MBK got compliance plate approval from Australian Government in 2009. Copy of Schedule 2 of the approval (No.: 41221 Issue Date: 06 November 2009) follows:

    Make : MBK
    Model : YAMAHA YZF-R125
    Category : LC
    Manufactured by : MBK Industrie
    Typical VIN : VG5RE06209A123456
    Seating Capacity : 2

    Whether imported legitimately or a grey would need to be verified
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  14. Well that is very interesting ReturnedReturned. I wonder how long that lasted.
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  15. All very interesting , the owner doesnt know much (convinient) so ill just give it a pass. he has it at 2k which i thought too good to be true and probably is :)
    Heres some pics so you can fill yourselves with doubt the way i did hehe.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]