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REG! $500! WTF! Is this normal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dje, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Hmm... last time I paid REG for a bike it was $350.
    On my car it was around $350 too.

    Now my mates got his REG due on an 2005 Yammy R6 and its a little over $500! Is this normal? Does the cost vary so much from different bikes?

  2. Yups, bigger CC = more $$$
  3. $350 reg for a car?
    which century was this?
  4. actually, it was a hyundai... yeah yeah, bring on the jokes and sarcasm... think it was a bit closer to $400 now that i think of it.
  5. Maybe a Health Care card came into the picture :?:
  6. ahh, thats what it was. health care card!
  7. Yeah cause I pay about $350 on the car but full reg on the bike.
    Not sure how much the reg is going to be on the bike as yet tho cause only had it a month or so :roll:
  8. Yeah, my rego wasn't far off that.

    CTP... whooooole different story.
  9. Yes I pay around that for both so just the norm :), the insurance for both is my favourite.
  10. Annual Premium Rates
    Applicable from 1 July 2006

    Zone = High

    TAC Premium + (GST) + S/Duty

    Passenger Carrying
    Private & Business Cars $391.60

    Motor Cycles*

    Under 60cc $66.00

    61cc - 125cc $258.50

    126cc - 500cc $342.10

    Over 500cc $467.50

    *add safety levy to this
  11. yeah i think mine was about $495 this year, kind of a joke if you ask me. My car is only $50 more.
  12. @DuHAST

    I think the safety levy only applies above 125cc.

    Right / wrong?
  13. thanks everyone, thanks duhast, ill let him know.
    now all vic roads need to do, aside from take our cash, is some work...
  14. From the VicRoads site:

    "In May 2002, the Government announced in the State Budget that a Motorcycle Safety Levy would be introduced. From 1 October 2002, the Motorcycle Safety Levy was added to the TAC premium on motorcycles with a capacity of 126cc and over and is included with registration renewals. Special purpose vehicles, recreation registered motorcycles, motorcycles used solely for primary production operations and veteran, vintage, or classic motorcycles with club permits are exempt from the levy. The funds from this levy go directly to initiatives to improve the safety of riders."

    Scoots and bikes are all treated the same way for licences, fees, etc.
  15. damn double posting, message too short
  16. You guys in Victoria have got it heaps cheaper. Rego here works out as $100 for any size of bike to register, + CTP greenslips that go as follows:

    Under 100cc: $124.96 (which is fcuked, because how many bikes are under 100cc? It should be 125cc, to include posties and almost all scooters)
    101-300cc: $212.43 (which again would be much better if it went out to 350cc or even 400cc, cause 300cc bikes don't exist, I've looked)
    More than 301cc: $649.75

    So anything over 250cc, even if its just a soft 350cc or 400cc, we get rourted. $750 a year just to get a CB400 on the road!!

    What's the point of having LAM's, if anything over 250cc costs an extra $400 a year to register?

    We do get a better deal on 250's though... but that hardly makes up for it.