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Refueling dilemma

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Mandala434, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Hey any of you folks refuel your pride&joy with fuel from a jerrycan? I was thinking of getting a new can&funnel from Mitre10 since I thought it'll easier&safer to do than using the pump @ the station (refueling a 50cc Jolie is tricky as especially if you press the level too deep it's gonna overflow in a pinch). Wonder how safe it is to store a fuel laden can in a shed?Never done it before :roll:

  2. you usually get a spout with the jerry can , and use a funnel, no dramas

    no probs keeping fuel in the shed, personally i like to change it over every month or so , fuel goes off esp in plastic cans
  3. Great I'll try to grab a metal can on the way home today
    Thanks a lot...weird that I still got tons of stuffs mixed up even when I already owned a scoot for 3 weeks now. Like getting confused over whether I should mix the fuel with the Shell Advance SX 2 stroke engine oil :shock: (which I'm not suppose to), whether I should run the engine oil dry before I top it of again, how much fuel I need...etc...those questions still keeping me edgy since I don't want to make a mistake & ruin my still new scoot :roll:
  4. Dont stress about the fuel can, I have been keeping one in the garage for years.

    (Use it for the lawnmower and as spare fuel for the bike)
  5. ah so talking about 2 stroke

    I personally dont like leaving 2 stroke around for too long again as the fuel goes off

    I mix only 1 litre at a time using a measure jug for the fuel and the oil , always get the right ratio and always have fresh stuff for the whipper snipper,blower , since you dont use too much each time you use em

    I then keep it in a 5L mower can of whats left over

    does this scoot have a mixer ? you have an oil tank on the bike and a fuel tank ?

    if so the bike automatically mixes and just keep the oil topped up , do not let it run out or it will sieze up
  6. Well it's a Bolwell Jolie 50cc (so I believe it does mix it automatically for me) sorry not that great with mechanical aspects of it, when I open the seat storage compartment the engine oil tube's located there so I bought Shell Advance SX since the mechanic said it's the right oil for it. The fuel cap is located underneath the left hand side of the ignition. Jeez. lol I'm still so confused sometimes about it, maybe I just have to keep asking then :LOL: anyway, it's great that I got the help cheers
  7. yeah thats right, the scoot mixes the oil into the fuel for you. All you need to do is keep fuel in the fuel tank and oil in the oil tank. Best to never let either tank run dry, always keep them topped up and you wont have any problems. A jerry can in the shed is a good idea especially if your nervous about fueling up at the servo - which is sounds like you might be. It also saves you going to a servo every few days which can get annoying on a scoot with such a small tank.
  8. *Phew thanks...heart's beating a bit steadier :LOL: in that case I'm gonna run over to Mitre10 in a bit & grab me that 10l can & a funnel 104ks & the fuel's half empty already damn. Oh yeah that's true...nervous as I prolly gonna spray the fuel into the guy next to me or worse (the funny thing was the mechanic that sold me the Jolie told me just to squirt the pump @ the station :LOL: a squirt? like how on earth can we even get it right with such a small tank). Btw...a 10l metal jerrycan cost up to $.54 a piece that's just highway robbery.
  9. honestly mate, just get a plastic "can". The metal ones are great but just not necessary for your purposes.

    I would suggest that you always use up the fuel you've got in the jerry rather than getting "fresh" fuel from the servo. That way the fuel your using will always be relatively new and you wont have any problems.

    Also, those red plastic jerry cans come with a yellow plastic spout. I suggest you also buy a funnel with a flexible hose. It will make it easier for you.
  10. Hey Duffman I did my first ever refueling using a can but I bloody spilled some on my Jolie's footrest will that ruin/corrode the plastic/color? Damn I hate that bloody can now & not to mention it smells like fuel now trying to get rid of it by putting my scoot near a gas heater to evaporate the smell.
  11. you are putting fuel near a gas heater ?? :shock:

    what is your expected lifespan ?
  12. It's already dry for ages since 4:30pm but the smell I can't bloody stand it so I'm gonna try 2 evaporate it with the help of the heater...quicker that way...I'm parking the scoot inside of my unit too so it'll be worse the smell
  13. Get a plastic container.. Metal cans create condensation in the cold weather, especially if left on a concrete floor

    Water and fuel mix in your scoot wont go to well.. :shock:
  14. Are you serious? for gods sake mate, take your scooter away from that gas heater!

    just wash off the spilt petrol with lots and lots of water, eventually the smell will disappear.
  15. Don't worry I didn't put it near the heater for too long, washed it @ first still smelled pretty strong, decided to go to the car wash near my place. A guy from there decided to do a full cleanup for free (yes you heard right for free) since it's a scoot (small enough doesn't take that much cleaning products & time he said with a rather impressed face seeing my Jolie) if it was car or a bigger motorbike they would've charged me. :eek: :grin: (wax, spray to lift all kind if residues, etc...) I can go back there & do it myself for free next time he said & I will.

    Already bought a 5l plastic can off Mitre10 so no worries about water mixing into the fuel, etc... :)
  16. Just be very careful where you spray high pressure hose onto your scoot. Its generally recommended that you just use a bucket and sponge because high pressure sprayers can force water and grime past rubber seals and into places where you dont want it.
  17. Oh don't worry Duffman I only used dampened cloth that doesn't leave any marks/scratches when I double check it & at the car wash station, the guy only used spray bottles to administer the cleaning products I hope that sounds proper to you. Only cleaned mostly the footrest where the fuel spilled (so I guess no important cablings, etc...got soaked with liquid) & the guy cleaned the main body with wax that's all.

    By the way how often do you clean your ride per weekly? I clean mine every single ride I've done :wink: a bit compulsive but saves me a lot of time in the long term & I like mine super shiny when it's out on the road.
  18. Well you must be good looking for the guy to wax your scoot for free :p :p :p Maybe he was keen on you? :p :oops:

    I clean my bike every couple of weeks - every time i oil the chain (not something you have to worry about on a scoot).
  19. :LOL: You can only wish eh :LOL:

    Naw I didn't know what on earth I'm doing with the cleaning products so it's better to leave it with whoever works there. Next time I'll just swipe those stuffs myself wish I can just bring some home though :( don't really want to fork out $.50 or something for wax, spraying liquid, etc...

    Heaps of people like to ask questions about my Jolie in that case hopefully in the next month or so we'll be seeing even more scoots rolling down the city in Adelaide.

    By the way Duffman, since I'm not a mechanical savvy guy like you, when I do re-service my scoot will the mechanic gonna do the full check-up (oil, breaks, engine, etc...) all I can do for myself are checking the engine oil level, fuel, tyre pressures. Can't wait to take it into the 1st re-service when I hit 800ks
  20. On the contrary, I am not very mechanical at all. I am only capable of the very basic stuff.

    Yes, when you take the scoot in for the service the mechanic will check over everything. If you dont know anything about your scooter, I suggest you leave it all to the mechanic, dont try to do anything yourself other than checking the oil and fuel and tyres, like you are doing now.

    Also, if you would like to know more about your scooter, when you take it in for the service, you could ask the mechanic if he could point out to you some of the basic maintenance that you should be doing. That way you can slowly learn more about scooters.