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Refresher Training in Newcastle?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by DavidGeorge, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Just to introduce myself, I'm an older guy returning to bikes after a 30 year break. My last bike was a Honda CB200 but my new bike is a 1979 Triumph Tiger 750; and very different. I could do with some refresher training but I have my licence already and don't think I can do the RTA training course (and don't think that's what I need).

    Does anyone know of any other training available in the Newcastle area? Ideally I would like one-on-one training.

  2. Welcome. Try Wheel Skills who used to have the contract for the RTA courses. They used to do private tuition at the Cameron Park Go-Kart track. Not sure if they still do but their contact details are on the web site for follow up. See ya round town. Should be a little easier riding around the foreshore now that bloody Pasha Bulker has left!
  3. About the Pasha. I live in Carrington. Turned the corner this evening and there it was. Huge!

    Thanks for the pointer to Wheel Skills. I'll try them in the morning. Seems to be exactly what I was looking for
  4. I reckon you're doing a great thing mate. So many returning riders have big accidents it seems.
    If you have no luck finding the training you want in Newcastle, the HART centre is in St Ives in Sydney, an easy run from Newcastle, and everyone raves about their courses.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I live in newcastle man, and id point you over to adamstown ride it right. The do all the L's training and stuff, Just ask em about what they do. im pretty sure you can fang about on there lot for a fee. Alternatively, try finding yourself a nice empty back street, and taking your time with this. But a nice controlled environment is the way to go i think. Let me know if your ever keen for a ride yeah.
  6. Just a follow-up. Wheel-Skills are not operating in Newcastle any more but I could go down to Tuggerah (74km).

    Ride It Right at Adamstown think they can help me after the school holidays when they get all their staff back.

    Thanks for all your help. I'll let you know how it goes.

  7. This is really just to get my posts up. Did I tell you that I have a 1979 Triumph Tiger?
  8. I was all set for my first 'refresher' training, when my bike broke. Blown head gasket. It's in the shop now being fixed and having a comprehensive once-over by someone who knows what they're doing. Once that's done I hope to do most of the maintenance myself, but it's useful to have a starting point from which you know that everything was OK.
  9. Finally got my refresher training

    It's been a while, but what with the bike being off the road for 3 weeks and then the instructor being unavailable for a few more I've only just had my refresher training.

    By way of background, when I got my licence 30 years ago there was no real training available, the test involved simply not hitting the examiner when he leapt in front of you from behind a lamp post and you just had to do your best to pick up the necessary skills.

    The good news is that the instructor seems to think I'm basically OK with just a couple of bad habits acquired during my self-learning.

    First one, I was covering the front brake whenever I got a little nervous; mainly when turning at low speed. He explained the reasons why I wouldn't want to use the front brake in a turn/lean and I now see the light! (So that was why I came off at low speed a couple of times 30 years ago ... I'd always wondered about that!).

    Second, I was halting at lights etc with bike in neutral, hand on brake (see previous issue) and both feet down. Difficult to move off quickly when needed.

    I made the mistake of telling him I was terrified of locking either of the wheels so of course he made me go through emergency braking over and over and over. I never did manage to lock the front and locking the back turned out not to be the instant disaster I was expecting (at least, not upright). Hey, these bikes can stop pretty quickly when they need to!

    He gave me some good info about using the back brake to tighten up and stabilise low speed turns; and he gave me some pointers on road positioning.

    Then we went for a 60 km ride. Great fun, and he's suggested we go for a run some weekend.

    All in all very good I am really glad I did this. Yes, I have a few issues but I'm working on them and just need practice to completely erradicate bad habits.

    Thanks to all of you who encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction.

  10. Sounds like you had a good time and learnt a lot David...

    Was Stewart your instructor (you did end up going to Adamstown right?)?
  11. Yes for Adamstown, but Ray was my instructor - top bloke!
  12. Dave

    If you ever want some advanced elite rider training free of charge, just give me a message.

  13. Shit that's funny! Nicholas will teach you how to panic when you see a police car and lock teh front up!
    Then he'll show you how his member stays rock hard when riding!

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. No seriously typhoon, im being serious, I would be more than happy to go for a ride with you if your keen, maybe I could show you some skills too.