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"Refresher" rider training - Brisbane area ?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by VladTepes, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. OK so I;ve been away from bikes for years.

    I'd like to get another one as the love of them has never left me (a bit like an ex-smoker I'm often tempted).

    Thing is, not having ridden for many years I would certainly be rusty on my riding skills.

    I figure that before I "get back on the bike" I should do some refresher rider training so be sure that it's what I want to do / what my older body can cope with before I start spending big money.

    To that end, is anyone aware of Birbsnae based companies that offer this type of training?

    I'd need a place that could supply the bike (and ideally helmets if that sort of thing is possible).

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  2. Morgan and Wacker training at Brookside offer refresher courses (or at least they used to).
  3. Team Moto @ Springwood. Use to do it out of out of Bowen Hills. Not sure if they do now as I know Alister is not there any more.
    Glen Patton up @ Maroochydore was great. And a nice easy place to do a refresher. But he just sold too. Bugger all the good trainers are leaving the game.
    And I am out for at least a month. Bugger.
  4. If you guys have Stay Upright, I recently found their "Intermediate" Course was just like a refresher of the "Basic" Course from the late nineties.
    Fun, but not at all what I expected.
    To their credit, they do advertise it as being perfect for someone returning to bikes after a decent break. Correct.
  5. Thanks - I've shot off an email to Team Moto and to Stay Upright asking as to their courses / availabilty of loan bikes etc.
  6. Over the years I've done refresher courses with M&W at Mt Cotton. Great venue, as it has a road feel rather than being a racetrack.
  7. Let me know when you are doing it Vlad and I'll see if I can make it too. When I bought my new bike Team Moto gave me a free voucher for the Advanced Road Craft course at Mt Cotton.
  8. The Stay Upright Intermediate was very road based as well.
  9. Looks like the Team Moto refresher course (actually thats the first day of their 2 day course apparently) is the front runner as its running very frequerntly.

    Stay Upright only has 2 dayes for internediate cours left this year (in Brissie( late April an mid-May. Neither probably suits me.

    I'll post the details I receoved when I get home from work.
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  11. From Team Moto:
    From Stay Upright Qld

  12. Buy a brand new bike,
    By the time you ride it in, 5000 to 10,000 kays, you should be up to speed again with your riding,
    New bike keeps your speed down,
    It took me 15,000 kays before I was confident again with the Bird, Missile, Hahahahahaha
  13. I think thats pretty dukb advice - if it's supposed to be advice.

    I'm trying to get back up to speed BEFORE I got out there on an expensive bike (albeit a 2nd hand one). Trying to keep ME in one piece not just the bike.
  14. It's just like riding a bike ... sorry.
    I think your right doing some lessons. And yeah I am bias. It is dear and I wish we got half that figure in our pocket being a trainer. But dropping a bike can cost a lot more than that.
    Riding well is 80% confidence. And doing a course will give you that. Or help give you that. Confirmation you are on the right track.
    If you are doing it out of Springwood then you do have a short commute to the training area. But no biggy, they run a point and trail so your well covered.