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Reframing a 2013 CBR 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by HMHAMz, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Hey all!

    First post I believe. Been wanting to get a bike for a long time; brother of mine has/had a CBR 250 as his first bike that ended up in an accident caused by fault of both parties a year or-so ago. Forks, front wheel and frame have taken the majority of the force and from memory was not written off (although may be a repairable write-off, can't remember, need to check).

    Now I'm considering taking the bike and getting her fixed up to use as my first bike. Anyone have any advice regarding this? Main item of concern is the fact that the frame would need to be replaced, however I believe there's a bunch of Vicroad's fluff associated with this? Maybe making it not worth-while?

    I've done a lot of work on cars in the past but no bike work yet, this'd 'hopefully' be my first.

    Me and the bike are based/registered in VIC btw :D

    Brother got thrown around but is OK btw!!

    Cheers all for any assistance.
  2. I suppose the real question is; will it be possible/worthwhile to restore the bike, or would I be better off breaking it down for parts, selling them and buying another bike?

    Keep in mind I enjoy working with my hands and am not afraid of hard work+learning.
  3. It MIGHT be an interesting exercise but with the cost of many Honda parts, it'd be cheaper to junk it and go and buy a runner...
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  4. It is not even remotely close to worthwhile fiscally. Buy another bike that is turn key.
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  5. welcome aboard :)

    unless there's a specific reason you want this bike, it sounds like the quicker cheaper easier option would be to buy a new / second hand one
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  6. It depends on weather you want to spend lots of time working on it or riding? Cost way more than its worth in time and money
  7. Cheers all for the wise words! I'm definitely keen to get my hands dirty, but it sounds like it might be worth parting it out over repairing. I prefer cruisers over sports bikes anyhow; thinking a Virago 250 for a first? Nice and cheap etc.

    Any tips or suggestions re. parting the bike out?