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Reflective Vests - Worth it or not ?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by martych, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. I've moved back to Melbourne from the bush recently and was quite daunted by the prospect of city and freeway riding again. Dammit- thought those days had gone forever...Anyway, I had a couple of close calls (due to the ususal bone-heads not looking when changing lanes etc,.)

    Saw a couple of riders wearing Flouro Safety Vests and thought I'd give it a go. Better to be seen as a bit of a dork, than not seen at all, right ? Anyway, the difference has been amazing. Don't know if maybe I've just been a bit luckier than usual, but I seem to be able to ride a little bit more confidently as i THINK I'm being seen (?)

    Has anyone else out there had a similar experience ??
  2. there is a thousand opinions regarding colours and and whether you will be more or less visible. i think you have proven that you have been MORE visible.
    i also know those saftey vests arent that colour just to make you look like a dork, they actually study that stuff.

    just as long as you know your safety vest doesnt make you immortal :LOL: :LOL: ;)
  3. I'm kind of pondering the same question, except the jacket I was thinking about goes a step beyond just reflecting - it actually lights up, using a string of LEDs. Which means it needs power, but since LEDs use next to none, a pair of AA batteries is claimed to be good for up to 200 hours. At 39 NZ$ it seems fairly cheap, and it certainly WOULD stand out...
  4. You can try here http://www.streetglo.net/
    if you want something that shows you up. I have purchased some reflective decals for the bike, pin striping and reflective helmet stickers for night time.

    During the day I have a rolled up flouro jacket tied down to the Ventura rack( like the councils use ).... I know for a fact you can see it from behind for many hundreds of metres

    see here:- http://www.overclockers.com.au/mc/forums/showthread.php?t=12323

  5. I have one of these vests. I don't do any city riding, however, if I am in the country and visibility is down for any reason (trees, heavy overcast, rain etc) I stop and the vest goes on.
    Rather be a dork than dead.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. I have a flouro green one with the reflective silver strips.
    I wear it at night and on overcast days etc XXXL to fit over my jacket.
    Couple of mates said they laughed when they first saw me. I said I didnt give a toss at least I WAS SEEN, that's the most important thing.
    unfortunately there are clowns out there that you almost have to smack em' in the head to make them realise your there.
  7. Can't hurt to do that, although 95% of the things that can do you damage are in front of you rather than behind (according to the Hurt Report, IIRC).

    I'm more concerned about idiots changing lanes on me, pulling out in front of me or turning across my path.
  8. I have a drimesh jacket. It is black, but its supposed to light up like a christmas tree when headlines shine on it. Its got like silver reflective stuff under the first layer which had lotsa holes in it. It looks pretty good normally cos its still black, but at night, i have no idea how much it lights up. Might be worth lookin into it though.
  9. I would have thought that vest might be illegal on the roads here because it has red LEDs on the front. I don' think vehicles are allowed to emit anything but amber and "white" light from the front.
  10. I like the vest idea, but i wouldn't wear one.
    Not sure why i just wouldn't
  11. The silver reflective tape, either adhesive or sew-on can be applied to anything is a good idea. Twice, I've noticed following traffic behaving oddly, to find I'd done a tailight element. It would certainly help there, or in the event of falling off at night, might mean the difference between being seen and avoided or having someone finish you off because they didn't see you in the dark wearing dark clothing, unable to get out of the way.
  12. Interesting point... but I would answer that the vest does not go on the vehicle, it goes on the rider. It is just an item of clothing and as such is not covered by the regulations you mention.
  13. At night, it isnt going to make a lot of difference from a car drivers perspective if its worn ON the rider as opposed to being part of a bike.
    There's a safety vest made in the USA that glows light green in strips on the front, back and around the waist (front to back) which I think would be a better colour than red.
  14. I feel they do stand out. They were used to particular effect on the ride I was on where the ride leader and Tail end Charlie worn them and they were very obvious.
  15. I used mine on my pushy this evening up the St. Kilda bikepath from Bay Street (Brighton) to the Westgate. People who took a glance spotted me where they usually would not. Sadly the only person to look in my direction and continue pulling out on to the bike path was a green Ninja rider. :) So they seem to work well with peddies and cyclists atleast.

    Plus I have never had as many beautiful young ladies staring at me so it must work! It could have been my supremely hot body, but I doubt it. A couple of blokes on a car cruise laughed at me, but I was pretty busy laughing at their shitboxes so who cares.
  16. Treffynnon -

    1. Clever nick you have there.

    2. Cool dog!

  17. 1. Thanks. I quite like it too. :)
    2. He is a great mate. Unfortunately he can't live with me in the flat so he is with family now. He is a mongrel that looks like a slightly smaller Staffy and without the behavioural problems they tend to come with. Amazing what you can find in the Hobart pound!
  18. I have a yellow fluro one with silver reflective tape that I wear over my riding jacket. Wear it all the time. No guarantee that people will see you but I'm not averse to increasing my chances of being seen.
  19. Firey in QLD says that if they can't see a 15 tonne bright red truck with siren and flashing red and blue lights, what chance have we got.
  20. I think they are definitely a good idea. I'm thinking of getting one myself.