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reflective tape??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Romus, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Hey :)

    Last night i've seen a rider and that reminded me to ask here if there is some reflective tape avaliable to buy? This guy had strips across his back and i dont think the jacket came with them.

    The jacket I got is all black (yeh stupid I know) so would love to get some reflective tape (if there is such thing) to stick some strips across my front and back, maybe even boots.

    Thanks for any ideas :)
  2. Yeah, there is such stuff, Dad gave me a sample from his work "Wurth Australia"... they have red and yellow for sure, and I'm putting some on the backpack i use.
  3. Try a marine store, but even the stick on stuff wil need to be sewn on to material to keep it there.
    I like those work vests with the reflective tape already on them, cheapest way to do it, and easy to carry on the bike folded up too.

    Regards, Andrew.
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  5. Totally workwear have it on the shelf up here by the meter.Protecta Alsafe also stocks it.

  6. Supercheap Auto have it, in at least red and white.

    Guy at work got a black roll off ebay for his pushbike, said it worked really well.
  7. streetglo.net i think
    One of the NR's had a similar question a while ago
    Dont ask me how i remember it ;)

    im not sure if the site/product is any good or not
  8. I want the tape that is black during the day, but reflective at night. I hate ordering stuff from overseas but I can't find it anyhere is aus.

    ***eyes credit card***
  9. Oh thats great! At first I thought I'm asking a nutty question, but its great to see that stuff is actually avaliable and at so many places too.

    Thanks guys :)
  10. Most workware safety stores will sell it.

  11. Spotlight stock it and its far cheaper than getting it from safety shops :)

    As someone mentioned, grab a safety vest with the reflective stuff already on it for $10

    Can't go wrong :)

    I might even grab a couple and print the netrider logo on them :)
  12. Spotlight ? really ? :shock: are we talking white or black reflective ?
  13. I havent looked for black reflective (oxymoron) but they certainly do have the silver stuff
  14. I bought some black reflective tape online from reflectivelyyours.com.

    I placed the order on a Thursday, and the tape was in my letterbox the next Tuesday - from New York. :shock: Can't fault the service, although the stuff wasn't exactly cheap.

    Not surprisingly it doesn't reflect as well as white tape, but if you have a black bike, black gear and black helmet it's not a bad way to improve your chances of being seen without making yourself look like a total dork.
  15. I was looking for the same thing for a few weeks.. I remember seeing it somewhere... try BigW.. they have those sew on or wear on type reflective strip.. I am after those stick on tape type...
  16. my work has rolls of the reflectie material we print on it.
  17. Hey Vic, did you use your Spotlight VIP card? I do - the discounts are great aren't they. I got this really nice floral pattern for my... (...etc...)
  18. There is no hope for a man that drinks his own bathwater :roll:

  19. Better than a man who wears his heart on his sleeve - which he embroidered!