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Reflective rim tape

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by The Predecessor, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Been looking around ebay for some red reflective rim tape.. and im just not 100% sure where to make my purchase as ive noticed some bikes out there with red reflective tape tend to be more on the orange side when they reflect, im really after a set that reflects bright red..
    Any suggestions are welcome...

  2. i had a topic on here showing my red rim tape:
    if you look at the last pic it does look red, but mind you thats artificial camera light. at night it is a bright red, ill try and take a photo of it 4 u.
    but look around, i dont think u will find much of a difference in reflective colour.
    best of luck though
  3. Thanks mate... I ended up ordering some off ebay since I posted this :cool:
  4. Rim Tape


    is what you need , almost any colour with or without being reflective
  5. On ebay i think its a guess job.
  6. Try bikemart in rigwood

    Try bikemart in rigwood
    I got mine red tape from METRO HONDA for $29.00 ..ITs made in italy pretty good quality .. personally i don't lyk rimstickers cos its to FAT ..