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Reflective Rim Tape Application : Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by OldSport, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. I'm about to apply this reflective rim tape I bought off ebay. It recommends me to do the "wet application" where I'll put soapy water on the rim and put it on.

    Any tips for applying it?

    Thanks in advance!! :)

    Here's a pic of it
  2. When it's in the desired position, carefully squeeze the water out. Clean the wheels thoroughly and then use metho on a lint-free rag to prepare the surface so the stickers will stick properly. Good luck! :)

  3. Metho as in the purple flammable stuff? :eek:

    Is microfibre alright to use? or use one of those rags to clean sunglasses?
  4. Metho is the common/slang name for Methylated Spirits.
    It's not purple when I buy it, it's water clear.
    Mostly ethanol with some methanol added to render it non-drinkable and can be sold without the usual alcohol tax.
    Also referred to as denatured alcohol in some countries.
  5. It is purple in many places
  6. The easiest way is to put some detergent into a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Once you've cleaned all the grime and scuzz from your rims with metho or similar product, spray the soapy water over the rim. Peel of the tape and apply it at one end and position it. When you're happy with how it's lines up, run a finger from one end of the tape, pressing down as you go. This will push all the water out from underneath the tape and it will be stuck for good.

    The wet soapy water is so you can slide it around and position each section of tape properly before it sticks. Just make sure you push all the water out otherwise it won't adhere to your rim.

    A paddock stand makes it much easier, or if you don't have one simply roll the bike forward to get to the next section of rim.

    You probably knew all that already but hey, info is helpful when doing something for the first time. :p
  7. Thanks for all the advice everyone.

    Before I started, I cleaned my rims with Methylated Spirits as some of the residue of the chain grease I sprayed earlier got on them. Then before applying the strips, I put soapy water which I used to clean my motorcycle as well. (Yes, It's proper motorcycle wash concentrate). And there it is!!

    It looks heaps cool at night!! :)

  8. It actually looks quite good. Is the quality of the tape good? Do you have a link to the ebay seller?
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  9. The quality of the tape is superb! The application was easy as well. Comes with extra strips in-case you stuff up.


    If you want reflective rim tape, make sure it says "reflective" on it :)

    You would also be prompted to message the seller about the width, colour, style and whether its reflective or not.

    Good Luck!
  10. Thanks dude!