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refilling oil - zzr250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by nooneuknow, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. how often should you top up the oil in a zzr250 (apart from when its run out!)? And what oil do u use?
    Just a bit concerned - taking the baby in for a service tomorrow anywya, but wanna know for future reference :)
    thanks guys!

  2. Top ups will depend on what riding you do. I had a zzr with only 11,000 k's on clock and because i live up the hwy a bit it would burn a little oil which i was told is normal. But if you dont tend to do alot of riding at high speed you should find it uses hardly any at all. Dont let it get below half in the sight glass. And just ask your service people what they used and buy a spare container of the same. You should always avoid mixing oils as the different oils have different components and that will sometimes cause oil to burn or not give your engine complete protection. Also if your engine is still using oil try an additive which you could discuss with your service centre tomorrow.
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  4. Put it on the centerstand and the oil should be a few mm from completly filling the window down near the brake pedal. Theres a little marker there. Make sure you do it on a level surface.

    The oil will take a few minutes to drain down into the sump after the bike has been running. So let it settle for a while or you will overfill it.

    The oil dissapears from the window when the bike is running so dont wory about that.

    I just use normal valvoline in mine, change it every 3000kms and change the filter every second time. I dont think fancy oils work any better in an old engine like the ZZR. And if its burning oil anyway theres not much left for fancy oil to protect.