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Reevu Helmets

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hardhat, Nov 26, 2009.

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    I have been keeping an eye on these helmets made in the UK as I am sure a lot of you guys have. I have corresponded with the company recently on if they are approved in Au/NZ and where they are in the market development and approval phases.

    These following lines are some of the Email traffic I have had with the company and have posted it here FYI. From what I can see they have done the third prototype after a 5000 run of pre production helmets to gain customer feedback and have now incorporate these changes before the final market release.

    I would be interested in hearing the Australian rider’s views so I can collate our feed back and hopefully encourage an Australian compliance test. My only comments to date would be about venting, fogging etc.

    Please post your thoughts.


    That information that was gathered from the initial release and the intelligence has been transferred into technological changes to the product, and that is why the 24 month delay.

    The helmets can come with Double D or Quick release however because of demand the product will be offered in the territories of easiest passage. An online solution will be the first and probably the most cost effective to the consumer. The helmet will be accredited to each territory over time, [...] This helmet has lower noise impact and the feedback from motorcyclists have shown that those that did wear ear plugs have been able to lose them, also the obvious benefit from seeing behind. [...]

    There have been some modifications made to the MSX1 and the helmet will now be available internationally with a fully adjustable optic to suit the various riding positions / head shapes / eye levels to get that even more bespoke fit. The chin strap has also been changed to a quick release system, a new improved liner and better ventilation. The helmet will be available for 249 euro's (Au $ 500)

    Please check the product Promo video on Youtube

    The helmets should be available in November through an online retailer then through distributors and I can keep you updated on this here is a link to a customer with the helmet on Youtube.


    Please give us your opinion of the changes.
    To fit the optic part for that bespoke rearview image
    1. Fit the helmet to the head snugly, without any movement.
    2. For best results, try helmet on outside on a walkway with traffic coming from behind. (Do not step out into traffic).
    3. If the road behind is not clearly seen, take the movable front optic and rotate it forward and back using slight pressure between finger and thumb until full view is given.
    4. After this initial adjustment a full view should be available.
    5. If a more sophisticated adjustment is needed, then by inserting the special Reevu driver into the hexagon socket located just above the mirror inside the helmet. The mirror system can be adjusted into and out from the helmet. (Do not over adjust this optic past its stops).
    6. A re-adjustment will be needed if the optic is retracted or extended for that extraordinary fit.

    See pictures 1.2 3

    Finally, the optic system in this helmet is to give the wearer a view of the road directly behind by using peripheral vision, the same way that we use the central mirror in other vehicles.

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  2. this looks awesome. when does it come out in australia?
  3. I've got one - where the mirror is not adjustable. You will find reevu posts from me on here going back a few years.

    I love the concept but the helmet isn't all that it's cracked up to be in terms of finish and comfort and the mirror in mine has black mirror spots. It was an indulgence to buy one.

    Also, single point light sources splay in the mirror at night time... however that could be my eyes but I don't get the same splay in standard rear vision mirrors.

    I don't use the helmet.

    They've been trying to get local approval for years now.
  4. robsalvv, sounds like you got one of the 5000 prototypes (although probably not sold on that basis!)

    I believe this new iteration is upgraded with adjustable mirror and better build quality all round. Can I ask do you find it useful during normal riding? traffic etc?

    Sorry to post a new thread but I thought it was better to keep this Model 2 separate.

    How did you find the original for venting? So important u here in Queensland where the sticky heat is a issue most of the time.
  5. I want one :) keep us informed re release in Aus
  6. I only used it a couple of times. Like I said, it suffered in the "great helmet" department and I readily went back to my other helmets. The cheapest Shark helmet feels better and is better finished than the Reevu... which is a shame.

    I was a big rap for the concept and still am... if I see a series 2, I'll probably give it a good lookover.

    They probably will never get AS certification though, since AS has a penetration requirement that SNELL and DOT don't have, and the REEVU with a big open port for light, fails that part of the test.
  7. Has Anyone seen or heard about whats happening with these helmets, for a long time they stated that they were not apporved for use in Australia, the website has now removed that post.
    So does this mean they finally got the approval from the Australian Gov? I would love to upgrade to one of these helmets but like most people i want to try it on first and see if its worth the money.
    They have some pretty cool designs now and you can see they have come a long way with the designs, i have been watching this for 5 years now since i saw it on Beyond tomorrow
  8. Interesting. Wonder if they finally got approval?
  9. I was keen,sounded great.But last week I swopped the crap CB 250 fairing mirrors for a set of GSXR mirrors and they now let me see dirrectly behind.Even a set of mirror extenders are well worth doing and there cheaper than a new helmet.
  10. ...yeh but you always have the scene behind you in your peripheral vision with a reevu.

    I bought a Gen1 years ago (was caught up in the gimmick and had the opportunity), but couldn't legally wear it. It's an OK helmet - but no where near as comfy as the Shark I had at the time. Actually, it wasn't a brilliant helmet in many ways. Let's hope their quality and fit has improved heaps.
  11. Feb issue of ARR (page 15) says this helmet (Reevu MSSX1) has been granted "AS/NZ1698, DOT, INMETRO, ACU Gold, JIS and ECE-2205 status." Can probably post the full article if anyone is interested.

    More from the article reads "Even more telling, no re-engineering was required before the Reevu passed the required tests" which seems at odds to an earlier part that mentions getting approval was "an uphill battle".

    Anyway I like the concept and will def try one on when I'm looking for a new lid.
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  12. Post away robbie. I don't read ARR.
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  13. I can assure you that I know differently as I am aware why it didn't pass at first attempt
  14. When I was actively interested in the helmet and talking with the Aussie importer back then, the helmet was failing the penetration requirements. How you get past that without re-engineering beats me.
  15. exactly ROB
  16. So how does that affect your overall view of the helmet?

    Do you think it is not as safe as others given parts of its construction have been altered to get approval? (not wanting to get debate whether the aus standard minimum is safe enough, more like when you start stuffing around with things to meet one criteria others areas suffer, either in terms of not intergrating properly or costs savings are made in other areas not required by the standard)

    With regard to the phrasing; would a change of materials itself be "re-engineering" or is it specifically that its design would have been altered to meet the standard?
  17. Doesn't change my view of the helmet, I just thought the statement might have been a bit disingenuous. Having said that, I'm glad it's fully legal now.

    By the way, in the engineering game, a change of materials is definitely considered re-engineering.
  18. That's awesome news. I've been hanging out for one of these. It's odd though that the web page still has the line "Reevu helmets are awaiting Australian standards however they have surpassed many other standards both in Australia and Europe."

  19. I feel like a broken record

    "Australian Standards are very very rigorous and comprehensive "

    and how can they surpass other standards in Australia when we only have one ?