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Reevu Helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by fasteddie, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I thought I'd share my thoughts on these new helmets.

    I have been using the new helmet for about a week now. My initial thoughts are that it is a good quality helmet. Doesn't take long to get used to the technology. Available at Bikebiz Parramatta and Granville for between $550 and $600. Tinted visors are about $75.

    Compared to other helmets I have had, it is very quiet and is sealed well, which has been great with these winter winds.

    The clearance between the chin and helmet is generous, which tends to avoid fogging up of a visor, which has not happened so far. I imagine the extra space will be useful for a bluetooth speaker.

    I could imagine the ratchet/clip style fastener being criticised by riders as being unfavourable, however, after using, I find it is secure, quick to fasten and release. Probably would be very helpful in case of an accident.

    The way that the visor fits to the helmet is good. Similar in design to the Shoei, but it has a better locking mechanism.

    After a few days, I had to take my daughter to Uni, so I used my previous Shoei helmet, not wanting her to bump her head/helmet into the back of mine as she sometimes does and damage the mirror system. It reminded me that the Shoei and reevu were worlds apart in comfort, quietness and features, with reevu being the winner.

    Some reviews have said becoming used to the Reevu system will take time. I took to it very quickly and whilst I had imagined the screen/image would be bigger than it is, I found it adequate. The mirror itself is not a distraction as some may expect. You have to consciously look at the image to use the Reevu System. I thought that I would be disadvantaged not having 20/20 vision, but the image without glasses is very clear and descriptive.

    I bought the tinted visor a few days ago and it works well with the vision system. Packaging says the tinted visor is scratch resistant which is a bonus. Time will tell.

    I'll fit my Scala Q2 in the next few days and will let you know if I have problems installing.

    Using the helmet should never replace traditional head checks when riding.

    I'll post some pictures sometime. If you have questions, just ask.
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  2. Nice report! Where can we buy them?
  3. You can get that at the Bikebiz Parramatta and Granville outlets.
  4. Anywhere in Vic?
  5. Google is your (almost) friend:


    They're based in Melbourne but don't list stockists on the website. There's an email address for enquiries though.
  6. Sorry, I overlooked seeing that you were were from Vic.

    I heard they are available from

    Helmet House in WA

    Motorcycles Accessories Australia in QLD

    BikeBiz Parramatta and Granville NSW

    Whitehouse Motorcyles at Albury & Wodonga

    Check www.reevu.com.au for sizing details.
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