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Reefton Spur

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by lefty, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Friday afternoon I checked the BoM site and the forecast was for terrific weather. Time for a decent ride. The question was, where to? I got out my copy of Australia Motorcycle Atlas - an excellent reference too. Having gone south-west last time I decided I would head east. The Reefton Spur looked perfect, having not had much riding experience with twisties and feeling up to a challenge.

    The ride to the spur was rather boring. The road itself however was something else! Its a shame there aren't any fun twisty roads near my house... Traffic on the spur was very light as advertised by 'The Book', even for a Saturday. Getting out early helped I guess.

    Just before I reached the spur I stopped in Warburton for a quick stretch and some fuel. I really don't know why I ever stop for fuel. My lil' 250 doesn't seem to need fuel. Okay, that's a lie, but still. Paying for $1.50 worth always seems slightly embarrassing. :grin:

    I rode pretty sedately on the way up - not having much 'twisty experience' or travelled along that way before. At the end (the t-junction) I stopped for a few minutes to stretch and photograph the trees, as you do. :LOL:

    The way back down through the spur didn't take nearly as long as the way up. :twisted: Saw a few other bikes going the other way though, was getting busier. I'm sure most of them were going faster than me.

    For anyone who hasn't riden that way before :p, the Reefton Spur is a fairly narrow road through the hills. It's noticably colder up there and some of the turns are very tight. It is fairly short (only about 25k) but it's basically non-stop corners!

    All up I had a great time and I think I'm a little more comfortable with my cornering too.

    People interested in some pretty ordinary photos can go here:
  2. Well done, Joshua... you made it!

    And yes, you did warn us about the pics :LOL: . Need someone to take some action shots of you some time.
  3. Definately. :)

    As for my pics, personally I would rate them only slightly better than a pile of grass clippings. :LOL:
  4. Nice one Lefty - great review. You should try the alternate route from Marysville to Kinglake - much shorter and more twisties.
    Unfortunately for me, my first experience on the Reefton about 1.5 years ago was not good, as i had a crash half way through - leaves and bark on the road make it a real challenge.
  5. If the road to the spur was rather boring, you should have gone the "long way"!!

    Which way did you go to get there?
  6. Always take the long way, :) To anywhere. :grin:

    Try the route from Whittlesea to Kinglake to Toolangai to Healesville Josh. Unfortunately you still have a boring ride to get to Whittlesea although if you swing further North you can come across from Wallan. The ride from Wallan to Whittlesea is not bad. Alternatively from Broadford across throgh Strath Creek then Flowerdale, King Lake is good. I live on this side of town so twistys are close by. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  7. Ooh, every little write up of roads like this makes me look forward to January even more! I've got a friend who lives up Warby way, so no doubt I'll be checking it out!

    p.s. the pics weren't too bad :p