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Reefton spur

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Royal, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm not saying for one minute you can't ride but just be carefull coming down the Reefton spur. I was coming down two wks ago miss read a bend ended up down the embankment into a tree, lucky for me the bike hit the tree and I walked away with a deep gash to my leg which needed surgery so far 4 wks off work.
    Bikes being repaired & TAC have exepted my claim.

  2. Lucky there was no one coming the other way, sounds like you crossed the centre line. You do that and don't die or kill someone else minding their own business count yourself lucky and cool yer boots. Any time you run wide in a corner consider it a crash and reel it way back in. You'll get cagers up there cutting the blind corners, you need to be in a position to access the left side of your lane at all times!
  3. Cars were over the line on Reefton yesterday, not by a lot but over all the same. Road is narrower than the Black Spur. As reported elsewhere, resurfacing on the Woods Point Road at the top of the Reefton. What's the go with the surface up to Lake Mountain? 6km into the 10km summit road looks like a burnouts area. Anybody with some more info on this? Have I let a secret out?? o_O
  4. Two things about Lake Mountain. 1) bikes aren't the only ones going up there in summer, it's no secret; and 2) the surface material is designed to resist frost and snow, but is very unpredictable when it gets hot. Don't expect the same level of grip.
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  5. As one wanders the backroads there are a few of these spots!

    Last time I went to Healesville sanctuary (a while ago now) the lyre bird was doing burnout imitations!
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  6. Yeah it melts and goes oily looking particularly on the last bit where it opens out
  7. Yes, JMC I know what you are saying I am very lucky.
    I don't feel good about it either.
    One thing is for sure when I'm back on my feet I will be doing some courses.
    I'm also sorry if it looked like it took the acccident lightly.
  8. It's not just your life on the line up there Royal, you fcuk up a corner like that you could kill or seriously injure another rider, I can defend against most things but not against someone barreling out of control straight through a corner. Treat that centre line like a brick wall and remember its a public road not a fcuking racetrack. It's possible to have a great ride up and down there without ever getting out of shape, I've done it dozens of times both directions all conditions without incident.