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Reefton Spur today

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Kevo954, May 14, 2011.

  1. Rode up the Reefton today and there was a fair amount of diesel spilled in the up lane on many corners, made life a little slippery.
    There is also a good amount of snow from the top of Reefton to Marysville, again very slippery with some parts having black ice, had dropped back to 30 to 40kph and still having some close calls.:eek:hno: Kev.

  2. faaaark... thats no good at all.
    good to hear that there wasn't an off involved with all that.
  3. sounds like nature is requesting the usual winter sabbatical from riding :LOL:
  4. Sabbatical? :D

  5. Not sure if it is the same spill you are talking about but there is a big fuel spill on the roads, almost the whole way from Healesville to the Black Spur pub near Narbethong..

    You can see the trail turn into a house just before the pub, is all clear after that..
  6. Probably best I stayed home today then - was planning on losing my reefton-ginity, but didn't have enough time between other plans to actually get out there. I'd much prefer a clean dry surface for that day anyway!!!
  7. Yup, heavy diesel spill from just out of Healseville all the way to The Black Spur Inn.
    Center of the lane & spread quite wide.
    Not sure how long it may take to wash away, so take care.
  8. I was there too, that was no accidental spill. It was a constant 2 foot wide diesel slick that started right where the corners start and went all the way through the spur. What sort of c&nt would do that?
  9. Healsville Police have advised that they notified Vic Roads yesterday after they also noticed the spill but they didn't think it was bad enough to warrant any further action.
    They mentioned sand being thrown on the road to absorb it but that would have made things worse for riders of course.
  10. With the price of fuel these days a rich c&nt
  11. you'd like to think even to most irresponsible would at least consider the cost,
    and avoid spilling diesel, but far too often that does not seem to be the case.

    personally i'd like to all diesel tanks designed in such a way that they didn't leak fuel even if the cap has been left off.

    as far as intentionally spilling diesel on roads,
    it seems all too easy to obtain unwanted/discarded diesel.

    every time we have a BIG bonfire,
    someone turns up 30, 50 or 200 litres of unwanted diesel to get things going.
    (not that i condone that behaviour)
  12. A decent bit of rain will fix it. Coming right up, I believe.
  13. The diesel was along the center of the lane.
    I suspect a leaking injector line, pump or filter.
    A tank leak would have been along the side of the lane.
    Driver probably didn't even know.
  14. Friday 1st July

    Still snow alongside the road up the top near the Lake Mountain turn off and towards the Reefton car park, lots of wet corners (it last rained several days ago!), some greasy bits, leaf litter not too bad.

  15. Everybody until it becomes a hoon offense I guess. Truckies love to fill their tanks to overflowing cos they don't like to stop if they can help it. Non-spill tank caps exist but aren't mandatory. This needs to be remedied.
  16. Spur was a little damp in places today, some debris on the road, 2 blokes with a chainsaw doing some clearing and bits of snow either side of the road near the Lake Mountain turn off....

    Overall was good to be out there for this time of the year...
    Oh and also, not one car ahead today for the entire Black Spur...
    Third good run thru there in a row... Freakin record for me!
  17. I did Reefton & Black spurs last Saturday & had the same run through the Black spur. No cars ahead of me for the entire length & only about 6 coming the other way. Damn it's good when you only have to worry about your line & not braking mid corner because a car wants to stop or go even slower.

  18. Did both spurs yesterday (as well as Chum Ck, Kinglake, Glendale then out to Alexandra via Yea & back \\:D/ )

    Reefton no snow, fair amount of litter near the Lake Mountain turn but other than that a good run - not one car!

    Black Spur - little oil in between the wheel tracks between Dom dom Saddle and the picnic ground (Heading towards Healesville), good otherwise
  19. did today. fair amount of bark etc along most of the run. especially near the lake mountain turn. not too bad, just watch for large pieces mid corner