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Reefton Spur - Sat 02 June

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Garido, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Went for a ride through the Reefton Spur (Warburton to Marysville) this morning. Road is in fabulous condition up to the Cumberland Junction. A bit further from there towards Marysville there is a lot of tree litter on the road.

    Been a bit fresh this morning, but a great ride nonetheless.
  2. Went through there yesterday mid afternoon, seemed fine to me...bark alley had lots of bark as usual, junction to Marysville was fine...junction to the car park was in good condition.

  3. Yup. Was up there yesterday afternoon. A few wet corners, small amounts of scenic snow in the culverts, but as far as the Reefton goes it was damn near perfect. ;)
  4. I was up there aswel on Sat, the first time I've ridden the spurs in yonkies..

    Agreed the weather was PERFECT! and with SFA dickheads or police presence we had a grouse ride!
  5. Man, I went there on Saturday arvo too, pretty clean, some snow on the edges of the road but nothing major, only one 4wd who thought he would use the whole road encountered, in a small straight so no big issue with avoiding..
  6. Reefton update - clear from Warby side to Woods Point turn but 2 small landslips on corners if you're heading down towards Warby. Usual bark & crap to Lake Mountain turn, then fine to Marysville. No snow
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  7. Wife and I were in the cage on the weekend out for a drive. There seemed to be a lot of tree litter on the road. First time on this road and curious, at what stage during the year does the tree litter stop being an issue.

    Can't wait to get the bike out on this road. I grew up around the Grampians and am extremely happy I have this road within my vicinity now.
  8. Basically if it windy you get bark on the road, so it can happen pretty much all year round.
  9. Ouch, I was hoping it was only when the bark was wet and 'heavy'. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. yep, you get a strong wind in summer and its covered...
  11. best ones are the small branches that get broken up so its like riding on marbles.