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Reefton Spur is filthy!

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by streetmaster, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. The bike was clean when I started!
    Mulched up, wet bark all over the road!


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  2. Sucks man time for a clean hey haha :p
  3. You shoulda been there yesterday. I got home and it looked like I'd been dirt riding. Had to wash the bike (a rare occurance) last night!
  4. Wow.. and i thought it was bad two weekends ago.. :(
    Almost glad i stayed home and played mechanic today :).. almost..
  5. HAHA! That's what mine looked like after I got back from Reefton yesterday. Been riding around today with the wonderful smell of burning dirt/bark on the exhaust. Just gave it a wash about 30mins ago. ;)
  6. I kinda like that Eucalyptus burning smell that comes off the exhaust system (one of the many excuses I use to get out of washing my bike).
  7. Funny that mate, one of the bikes nearly went up in flames at the lunch brake in Buxton. There was smoke coming from underneath and we found a bit of bark that was glowing red already from the exhaust heat. Could have gone up in flames any time. :)
  8. I thought my bike was dirty after today. I had a burning smell on the way home, I knew that it was the bark but couldn't do anything about it on the ride.
    She's nearly clean now. I don't want to put my hand between the exhaust and the engine to finish cleaning it yet.
  9. great road,
    but the bark and leaf litter makes it dangerous,
    i try to pick my times to ride reefton. there are other roads out that way that are great alternatives for when reefton is littered
  10. I'll just wait until the weekend to get the bike clean,,,,,when I have the kids. :D
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  11. [​IMG]
    Went up to the Reefton during the week, it was a bit dirty, dodging branches and big piles of bark but I still had snow much fun.. Had to stop and get a stick out of my stand, took this picture while i was there.
  12. They don't call it Leafton for nothing.
  13. Was up there a while back when I had the Viffer. You couldn't pick a line through all the litter on the roads. Never, ever seen it so bad.

    Farken I'm hard as farken!
  14. how much you want for those kids
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  15. I know you think that's funny but it's completely the wrong thing to say!

    You should have asked, "How much to rent those kids?" Then he would still have to cover all the maintenance and upkeep.
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  16. Yeah. It was good on Tuesday just a few sticks. But obviously the wind n rain thurs and Friday taken its toll.

    Still yucky at 5pm today.

    But don rd was even worse !! ImageUploadedByTapatalk1347191910.179458.
  17. Rental only (hourly rates, $10 p/h or part thereof!)

    Made that mistake 2yrs ago when I'd just got the Z, around the same time of year!
    Back of the Z looked pretty much the same!
    Hard to ride too with the front & back going different directions!!
  18. Reefton was a mess yesterday, how long do you reckon before it clears? I had never seen so much crap on the road.

    All the other roads we took around that area were fine. Police were out with license plate spotters between reefton and black spurs too.
  19. LOVE that bike! That is by far my favourite paint scheme for the Z.
  20. It gets like that after big wind n rain storms.. seen it almost as bad before..

    I'm heading up there Tuesday , I'll let you know.

    Usually a couple of day of light wind, no rain and traffic clears it.