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VIC Reefton Spur gravel

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by revz, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. There was a lot of fine gravel on the last 1/3 of Reefton spur in the direction from Reefton to Cumberland junction due to what seems like resurfacing today. Take care!

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  2. yep sure was
    lazy ****s
  3. Just have to watch out for the freshly painted lines. that is the affected area. I did not notice any signs that there was gravel on the road.
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  4. If its a problem, complain to vicroads
    Report a road issue : VicRoads
    After a few complaints the Kinglake Rd wasn't too bad today. Think the contractors cut corners and Vicroads needs to be stirred up to do anything about it.
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  5. I don't think I recall any signs that said there was gravel on the road. A friend just msged me saying there was still gravel on Reefton today. The gravel wasn't like covering the whole road. Just fine gravel here and there, including mid corner, so it was really difficult to see. However you will notice it when you run over it.
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  6. In addition to the gravel, there was a diesel spill today a few corners away from cumberland junction. But this time there are signs, still nothing for the gravel though.
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  7. Good practice for when you come to Tasmania. We do gravel when you expect it least.
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  8. The only sand I wanna see stefankstefank is at the beach :LOL:
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  9. I rode there Sat and the gravel was still on the last 5 kays or so, heading to Cumberland Junction.
    It'll take a while before it's all gone, methinks...
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  10. I went through there this morning (10 Jan). It's still there in the last kay or two. It's nicely colour coded to the solid stuff and hiding in the shadows a bit.
  11. Hello
  12. Newby here, but not to the Reefton Spur. I live at the Reefton end of it ....

    I dunno what roads are like where you folks live, but up here in the Upper Yarra Valley & beyond, gravel on roads is what we have, everywhere. Gravel, rocks, sunken bits, potholes.

    Gee, we feel blessed to have bitumen to travel on! Sure beats all our dusty rocky muddy residential streets.

    Our roads are also covered in branches, leaf litter, twigs (every strong wind seems to cover the roads....must be all the trees).

    There's also dead critters (and live ones) on the roads around here, dunno how many tourists go home on the weekends with dings in their fenders, but it must be heaps judging by the carnage they leave behind with the wildlife......

    Y'see folks, there's no street sweepers used up here. No one "cleans the road". It is what it is...

    And if we put up a sign every place there's gravel, or leaf litter, or twigs, or critters, there'd be no room to ride!

    Ride safe on the Reefton Spur. ;-)
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