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Reefton Spur condition request

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by murchy, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Was hoping to head over on Sunday, wondering if it got much rain yesterday arvo? Wet patches suck.

  2. Only if you insist on riding as if it were dry....
  3. I ride very sedately in the wet usually.

    This weekend I was hoping to work on my technique (as I am currently a big noob).
  4. Why are you asking whether it got rained much yesterday when you are riding on Sunday? Surely it would have dried up by then.

    I did reefton today and its alright, slightly wet patch near the forest bit. And theres still leftover gunk and debris on the lake mountain bit where the lines are yellow. But the start and end are pretty good and dry.
  5. fucking horrendous today. bark, bits of tree, fur and small dead animals all over it today. go very easy around blind corners, i nearly came off a few times when hitting debris
  6. I ran it this afternoon, seriously not too bad considering we are coming off winter.
    Definitely bits of bark and shit on it, but when is ever a clean road these days.

    Take it a touch easy and all is well
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  7. I also did reefton on sunday but on the way back picked up a puncture just before cumberland junction.Sat there for 3 hours waiting for a tow truck.
    Cause was a small tent peg tyre screwed went through right at the join of the steel belts no repair possible,tyre 2000 ks old.I thought the conditions were pretty good,reason for no cops is pay dispute otherwise they would have been everywere as per ususal
  8. you kidding? heaps of cops around balwyn/kew/inner east today. maybe they all came down here today. coffee day off? not sure i like it.
  9. Went through the spurs today. Great condition. A couple of places with bark but otherwise fantastic. No cops and little traffic. Had a chat with a lady at the reefton hotel about how the police have harassed visitors and locals alike pushing them away. The constabulory were probably there by Arco.

    Hard to fault the road on the reefton but the black spur seemed pretty rough in parts compared to normal
  10. Andddd one day later, a night of high winds maketh the Reefton crappy as hell today...

    Avoid it at all costs, broken branches & bark everywhere, I lost count of how many times the front wiggled, or the rear shimmied..

    Black spur seems ok for the most part, but avoid the Reefton for at least a few days till the crap clears..
  11. Agreed. I went through there in the car this afternoon and it wasn't great. Not as bad as after a storm earlier this year, but had the car moving around all over the place. Posted some more at https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=117478&page=7
  12. Sheet it has been worse??? Damn it was dangerous enough today....
  13. Yeah, day I went through in april it was horrendous, leaves and bark everywhere. Freezing and rainy day too. The road between marysville and the spur... well it poured down. Don't think I broke about 60 on the straights.
  14. It can get bad..
    Went through once last year in winter after a storm 3 days earlier and sections were so covered it was spot the tar if you can.
    Looked more like a gravel road and all you did was look straight in front dodging branches..
  15. That reminds me of the day I went through. Couldn't be sure of the surface at any point and quite a bit of slow riding around fallen tree matter. Bit of mud on the road too.
  16. Haven't seen cops up there for a while, anyone seen them as of late? The first low 20's spring weekend im sure they'll be up near the Woods Point-Warburton junction. ****wits.

    Remember, fender eliminators are life threatening....reallllll dangerous.

    On a seperate note, just after the Lake Mountain turn off, about 3-4km's down the really twisty tight road there is a hairpin, right at the entry there is a cross and flowers etc. Anyone know what happened? Doesn't look old, its one hairy corner im guessing a rider overcooked it :S.
  17. I think someone puts new flowers there fairly often, I first noticed that back in summer when I first rode through the spurs...
  18. I was only discussing it with a family member not long ago. There have been flowers there for at least a year, and probably much longer. Must be quite difficult to actually get there safely to put the flowers there - not much room around

    A fairly abrupt reminder as to the nature of those roads. With the straight bit just before hand, my assumption was that whomever the poor soul was didn't brake in time. Either way, not sure this is the place to speculate on such things. It certainly makes me think when I pass it though.
  19. Was up reefton yesterday,no cops and road condition pretty good.Got 2 runs in.In regards to that corner there was bark all the way accross it the only real shitty corner of the whole spur.Cops are still in pay dispute so i reckon that why there not there,hope it takes all summer to sort it out
  20. Ditto.

    A sage reminder of what can happen to any of us. That's the best reality-check I can think of.