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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ibast, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. I'm going to be made redundent at work next week.

    I've never been made redundent before

    I was wondering what peoples general opinion of persons that have been made redundent. Is there a stigma attached?
  2. I got fired once. I found a job a week later, but it was tourture - felt like id never find one! :LOL:

    I just dont tell employers :p becuase the jobs were so close together, and I still have a reference from the one i got fired from (my manager didnt agree with their decision).

    actaully i probably have a case for unfair dismissal. But theres no way in hell id want to go back to working there.

    sorry to hear the bad news though. good luck getting a new job.
  3. Being made redundant is NOT being fired. It means the job itself has ceased to exist, not that the employee is at fault in any way.
  4. Thanks.

    Yeah I was looking around for work anyway, so I guess I wasn't happy. It's just a bit scar, being so close to christmas, having a new fam and a pretty solid debt.
  5. Redundancy is a part of the circle of life in IT. There's no shame or stigma, companies just cut off dead wood sometimes.... :LOL:

    No, we're in an age of downsizing and restructuring, I think it's an excellent way to switch jobs - you get a few weeks' paid time in which to full-time job hunt and take a good hard look at where you're going. Chin up bud, it's all uphill from here!
  6. Thanks Loz. Yep trying to take that attitude.

    Enjoy the break and start having a real good hunt mid Jan.

    So of the jobs I've looked at so far are better then the one I've got and pay better. so I just need to land one.
  7. The best piece of advice I can give you is NOT TO WAIT until Jan before starting to make applications. Start RIGHT NOW. It can take ages to land a job you're happy with, you don't want to be starting that process when funds are already looking stretched.

    Also, make sure, no matter how close you seem to landing a job, that you've always got AT LEAST five or six other opportunities on the boil - because nothing slams you down on your arse like getting a rejection letter when there's nothing else going on and you feel like you have to start from scratch. It's soul destroying. Be proactive about it immediately.
  8. I would say one employers loss and you will be another employers gain. Keep a positive attitude and things will be fine, there are jobs out there for those that want to work.
  10. Sound advice. Important criteria in the market right now is experience and work ethics (sounds crazy, I know, but let me tell you - many employers are SICK of staff who don't work hard and leave after 6 months)
  11. Yes now head down to the soylent green factory , you are superfluous to requirements
  12. ive been wanting to watch that movie for ages now... whats the title??
  13. No stigma attached IMO.
    It is often a blessing in disguise.

    Hopefully your severence pay is sufficiant to see you through till your next job.
  14. I'm hoping I get somthing early Feb, so that will give me a bit of my package left over to may life a bit easier.
  15. I was made redundant at the start of the year.
    I was given about 5 months warning (but the company wouldn't give an exact date.)

    So I looked for a new job, found one and missed out on the ~16k severence pay that I would have got if I had stayed till the end.

    What pissed me off most was that I only missed it by 1 month. Grrrrr.

    Still, working for a much better company now :D
  16. There's no stigma I've come across in the past 2 weeks. (redundant, 02 Dec)
    I suggest look at your financial situation to assess the degree of urgency requiring a new position. Keep in mind a lot of school leavers are about to hit the job market all looking for employment.

    I, on the other hand, am enjoying my current situation, after 21.5 years in the 1 job, I feel quite deserved of a rest....... well till I get bored :)
  17. How's those Tassie plans/thinking going Dave? :)
  18. Bugger of a time to be looking for work.....December not many recruiters seem that interested in putting people on or all the decision makers are getting hammer at thier christmas party or away on leave. I found 3 years ago that it wasn't until mid January that I started getting bites again.

    I wouldn't stress about redundancy, the stigma belongs to the employer not the employee.
  19. Its the old saying if you want to work theres work there after that long in the same job you might as well have a break and relax. And just thank god you didnt do what bogus did , :shock: 16K redunancy mmmmm patience would have paid for a great bike or holiday