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Reducing the road toll

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Jan 22, 2015.

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  1. I was thinking that to reduce the road toll all we need to do is get the fatalities reclassified.

    Last year there was a motorcycle fatality that turned out to be a rider getting deliberately hit because of a dispute. This was then taken off the road toll and listed as homicide.

    Now if we all carried around suicide notes they would have to reclassify, any fatality that subsequently happened would be reclassified as a suicide. The police would find the note and say it was a suicide.

    Then they couldn't justify all these police operations targeting bikes because the motorcycle road toll would be zero. That means we will be able to speed more with less chance of getting caught.

    The state doesn't care about people dying of suicides so it would work.

    Good idea?
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  2. you go first then tell us how you went

    OH wait?
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  3. I have to be killed first to test it. Can't really report back.

    If only one person does it it, won't work. We all have to do it. We don't know in advance which of us are going to be killed. I am actually less likely as I am not a noob.

    Come on let's reduce this road toll.
  4. better you than me
  5. do you have any family ?
    how is this going too affect them?
    cruel world I cant go on anymore
    so ive decided to crash into the person who is about to pull out in front of me
    oh my dear wife and children you are not to blame , I just wanted to get the statistics down
    please on my tombstone remember, I am not really a fcukwit
  6. Did you read, it's not a suicide, it's just a normal fatality. You would have died anyway. I am not saying crash anyway, that would be dumb. But if we are going to have a crash why not have it recorded as a suicide instead. If i crash and die without the suicide note my family is going to be upset as well.

    It's only tricking the police into re categorising a road fatality into the suicide stats. Less road toll means less police operations and more chance to speed without getting the fuzz on your tail
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  7. If you want to be negative please stay out of this thread. Some people want to do something about this road toll

    Anyone posting negative comments about the idea is a troll (from now on, you have been warned)
  8. do you really want to continue this thread?
    theirs heaps of other scenarios we could go through
    nearly all very offensive too people who have lost loved ones
    this is by far the worst idea you have come up with vertigo C
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  9. That's fine we have heard from your opinion why dont you move on if you have nothing positive to contribute. The number of police operations is a serious matter and I don't see you coming up with any ideas on how to reduce them. Oh and reducing the road toll.
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  10. Ok serious question for you. Have you ever been affected by suicide? Either by family or friend?

    I'm guessing with such a idiotic idea, and having no idea how offensive it is I'm guessing no
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  11. Yes, and that wasn't even on the road and so it wasnt even reducing the road toll.
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  12. Which would also disqualify your family members from any death insurance benefits, and accident compensation claims. That's not worth it for road toll reclassification.
  13. That would depend on the policy
  14. most life policis cover suicide after a qualifying period, usually 12 months I believe.
  15. maybe I should rethink my membership status myself
  16. Maybe next time there is a rider down Vertical C can just confess to their murder. That way we can see if it works and Vertical C can still report back. A win for everyone.
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  17. Does justus know any lifers who could put their hand up for all these murders? "I broke out of prison, did what he said I did and snuck back in again, honest. It's a fair cop, I, did it, alright."
  18. For this to have any statistical impact, wouldn't everyone have to do it, and everyone would know about it, making it pointless and more likely that you'll get a little visit by the police to tell you:

    "If any person prints or publishes any writing which incites to, urges, aids, or encourages the commission of crimes or the carrying on of any operations for or by the commission of crimes, such person shall be guilty of an offence against this Act, and shall be liable to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months or to a penalty not exceeding 1 penalty unit."
  19. So write a suicide note, just in case you crash out and die, and wreak havoc on your loved ones emotionally for the sake of statistics? What a dimwit idea.
  20. Uncle GregUncle Greg , sorry mate, I just can not agree with this part of your post, you need to remove the word 'not' from this statement!

    This thread is fcuking ridiculous!, and to come up with such an idea shows a lack of real life experience, regarding road fatalities & that of suicide.
    Working in an industry that deals with both these issues, each time I go to either one of these incidents, it affects me and my colleagues just that little bit more, and devastates the families of those involved.

    Vertical CVertical C , go ahead and do what you wish regarding the note in the pocket, but please explain this to your family. Please do not post these ridiculous ideas on here, as there are some younger impressionable people on here.
    Go join a volunteer rescue organisation that deals with these situations, and get some first hand experiece in tradgedy and it effects of all those involved.

    I met you once at a rally, statements like your post here just confirm what I was thinking at the time.
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