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VIC Reducing Melbourne CBD speed limit

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by the_blacke, May 1, 2011.

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  2. What Im reading in this is that adult pedestrians are even more stupid around cars then school children.

    Of course theres still no context to speed limits. You can still be fined whether a pedestrian is in the vicinity or not. So cops can hang around the nearest Donut King and still hand out tickets. Oh goody.
  3. muarc can go get fucked
  4. reads like racv had their nuts rot off.
  5. At high risk times you rarely get over 20 and when theres no-one around it wont matter.
    How about an advertising campaign in the CBD, "WATCH OUT FOR CARS, WE CANT GET THE BLOOD STAINS OUT OF THE ROAD"
    More wasted money by 'public servants' trying to justify their existence..
  6. Except that when you can get over 30kmh, it will matter. In a way that has nothing to do with safety.

    Why are there people that are happy to bring in rubbish laws then, justify why we shouldnt have them.

    The onus should always be on those who want to go around whacking people with their punishment stick.
  7. 40km limits = bullshit in most cases.

    Barkly St in St Kilda has no reason to be a 40 zone, nor does Chapel St most of the time. The former because it's a large enough road to be plenty safe at 60, the latter because in the rare cases it's empty enough to DO more than 40 there's no reason not to.
  8. Wonder where Robert Doyle is going to get his outrageous salary and perks from when the only people left in the $hithole called the city are the homeless and drug addled...????
  9. ......and the Chinese, who have assisted in making Melbourne (CBD, if not all) seem exactly like a city I used to reside in/visit regularly !

    Just when the CBD was crawling daily (and not even in peak hour), they consider/implement an even lower Speed Limit. Truly I say to you - the people running this State need to be lined up, one by one, and SHOT !

    Utter stupendous, outrageous nonsense !
  10. I'd love to know what percentage of pedestrian injuries were peds stepping out into traffic...

    I live near the city and it would be a complete pain in the arse. Not to mention the city is one place where I don't think I ever look at the speedo as it is anyway. Not much opportunity to break the limit, and the places where I do, no enforcement anyway.

    Bigger risk after such a change will be people struggling to keep to 40 and focussing on the speedo instead. The exact same behaviour that is the most dangerous element in tunnels.
  11. How about they ban pedestrian's from being over .05 or using ipods in the city. Police can walk the beat fining people through random breath checks etc. And bring in really punitive fines for jaywalking. I'm sure the evidence would suggest that this would seriously reduce pedestrian injuries, by removing the main conditions through which they throw themselves in front of cars. What, they won't go there? I thought that "people's health had to be the main priority"?
  12. Plus a new TAC campaign:

    "Pedestrians, it's up to you to reduce the risks."

    With a nice TV ad, perhaps one that includes cyclist stupidity and death.
  13. They already fine people for jaywalking in blitzes.... FFS there is nothing wrong with jaywalking - the issue is with idiots who step out without even looking. I rarely wait for a green man to walk, yet somehow never have an issue.

    Or bugger it, just let natural selection take its course. Speed limits in the city are almost absurd and almost serve as only a distraction anyway. Let the flow and flow alone dictate the speed mostly so people concentrate on what is going on, than falsely believing in the maximum speed syndrome.
  14. The vast majority of CBD collisions involving Pedestrians you'll find the Ped at fault.......

    It's interesting that the Herald Sun today has a multi page story centering in a Monash Freeway collision where a car was rammed from behind by a B double.

    They brush over the fact the car driver was on her mobile and suddenly dropped to 30km/h in a 100 zone in the fast lane and now her family want to ban trucks from the fast lane. Again blaming the innocent party :confused:
  15. cue pedestrians walking safely in high-vis vests and helmets (these will be mandatory soon anyway for anyone living in the cbd)

    ....then suddenly, one of them breaks into a sprint, exceeding 25kph


    roll TAC credits

    ..if only he had of wiped of 5
  16. It’s good to see the Labor party is still running things through its bureaucratic factions. How’s the RACV backing this crap? They must still be upset over being told to f’ck off by the Libs.

    Ted Baillieu and the Liberal party have taken some control of the state but these bureaucrats just won’t give up. I don’t know how or if Baillieu will be able to regain full control. Victoria’s bureaucracy is an out of control runaway train.

    All because John Brumby and his f’cked up weak and lazy ALP government handed control over to these bureaucrats. When Brumby was in it was clear he was the servant. He is by far Victoria’s worst ever premier. I wonder if any of the Libs have gotten down on their knees to these bureaucrats.
  17. Once again it comes down to bad drivers; a good driver drives to the conditions, i.e. lots of pedestrains, slippery roads, cyclists etc and will slow down to a safe speed. By constantly going on about speed limits the message they're sending is that it's safe to drive at those limits no matter what - as long as you're not speeding you're safe! I prefer the tasmania signage - "it's not a challenge it's a limit" (sic)
  18. you seriously want to not be able to goto the pub for more than two drinks?
  19. Yes, and if you step out in front of a speeding (50kph) car you should be able to sue the publican.

    And yes to hard on jaywalking. I was standing near the street (from a safe distance) the other night and this guy just crosses against the red man. All because it was 1am and there are no cars about. Really? Was he sure? What's wrong with this country when people will just step out like that?
  20. Makes me angry.. These clowns will only be happy when every road in Victoria is 30.. What a friggen joke! Can you imagine the speeding ticket for 31km/h! Do they realize how ridiculous this is! The average fit person can run 25km/h and traffic lights in and the gridlock this will cause and your faster on foot.