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QLD Reduced tolerance for speeding drivers

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ParkerMax, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Doesn't really change anything apart from not being able to go 120 in a 110 zone :(

    Apologies if it is in the wrong section.

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  2. Reads as if they will updating their ancient technology & bring it into line with the rest of the world, ie 3km/h or 3%.

    Or are these secret margins the police don't want anyone to know about?
  3. 3% is so stupid, everyone will spend their time looking at their speed instead of concentrating on what is happening around them.
  4. Well it works like this. Your speedo already reads a minimum of 3% fast. So if you are caught doing 110 on a radar. Your speedo will be saying at least 113.3 and now bookable in a 110 zone....cough cough more cash. Where before they let you go to 115 in a 110 zone before flashing at you.
    And the second announcement they will make soon is speeding fines set to rise. . Not more demerit points taken of course. Just more cash please, and thank you speed again soon ;-)
    This is what happens when the media baste the QLD government on their slack attitude to building new safe roads... Or where the Fark has all the money gone ??
    I've always liked Darwin................................
  5. No waves in Darwin.
  6. It's good that speed camera locations will be available but would have preferred that it be through TMR site rather than the QPS ... more accountable.
  7. What, you think they don't do speed cameras and arsehole cops up here?

    I hope you really like Hidden Valley too, 'cus it's the only one, as much as I like it :)

  8. Aww poor Darwin.
    Thought cause I'd never been there it still might be a nice place ???
    I'd prefer a dirt bike and a sail boat nowdays anywho. I don't really drink often...any of those small cruise boats that do the north west need chefs ???

  9. In Vic, the 3 km/hr or 3% is for mobile cams.
    For fixed cams, it's 2 km/hr or 2% (except point to point).


    *says "legislation allows for" re 2/2% - it is being applied/in force, eg. western ring rd
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    I have to speak up in defence of the Police

    it is not they that make these decisions - they just have the job of enforcing the decisions made by the unelected public service bureaucrats and or specialty government "consultants" who's agenda is simply nothing more than the furtherment of their own careers or the justification of their jobs existing at all.

    It is the same with politicians - they are nothing but talking head puppets controlled by the bureaucrats

    It doesn't matter what politician is voted into position by the populace - its the faceless public servants in higher management positions that are protected by obfuscation of the decision making and implementation process - those are the people that your ire should be directed against
  11. Thanks for the clarification.

    The article eludes to a secret extra tolerance, commonly known as 'discretion' or is that just poor writing?
  12. Could you use this as an argument to a speeding ticket, if the km/s were a few over?

  13. Nightowl's post is relevant to Vic. OP is Qld, where the tolerance believed to be the highest in the country is not published.

  14. I see.
  15. I call cash grab. Campbell Newnman is doing his best to bring the states coffers back into surplus. He has made massive cut backs on the public services (for better or for worse) but at the same time made the promise to freeze rego and some taxes. This will be a round about way to increase taxes albeit it will be more "voluntree".
    For the Police Commssioner to say that he there would not be an increase in the number of speeding tickets issued across the state is kidding himself. That's exactly what the government is hoping for.
    I wonder how many 0-10km/h speed fines will equate to the cost of getting one of those new HUD's installed into a helmet showing your speed. Might all of a sudden become affordable considering the cost of fines and the loss of your license!
  16. The question that immediately popped into my head was:

    How many speed related fatalities occurred within the margin for error?

    This appear to me to be more about money than saving lives. How many cases of fatal accidents could be unequivocally categorised as being avoidable with a 2% reduction in speed of any of the vehicles involved?
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  18. Australian Design Rules mandate 10% tolerance in speedo accuracy. Someone should do a class action suit about the contradiction between that and a 3% tolerance on speeding.
  19. In truth, this is a question we are better off not asking them to answer publicly.