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Redneck Beer Train

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by 176OES, Mar 3, 2012.

  2. Great to see police around the world stopping REAL criminals in their tracks.

    I feel so much safer now.
  3. Gawd dang it!
  4. Damn po-po being pigs for no dang reason.....don't taze me bro!!!
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA I love it!

    Gawd dang it! I know my rights!
  6. If he doesn't have time for shit like that why doesn't he just let him go?

    i lol'd though .... GAWD DANG IT I KNOW MA RIGHTS, i got a 100 foot extension cord holding these things together... LOL
  7. If that happened in Canberra, the cops would of just waited to see what happened and maybe done an RBT.
  8. If that happened in Victoria the cops would of impounded the lawnmower, crushed the shopping trolleys, and the Herald Sun would of run a two page article about the menace on our roads and how the Police are doing a bang up job of keeping us safer from ourselves.
  9. ...oh, and the cops would of confiscated the beer and drunk it.
  10. Ahh, lived there for about ten years. Not planning on going back unless there is a family event, and won't be staying long.

    Cops in the ACT are pretty relaxed with a lot of thing (they will go after you if you deserve it) and there hasn't been a fatal crash for about a year (touch wood).
  11. Best Cartman impersonation I've heard in years!