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Redline (partner Discounts)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by yohcaptain, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. hey people just fishing for advise . :grin: . i want to put my bike in for a major service . :shock: . i dont know any reliable motorcycle mechanics . :cry: . so i looked in partners dicounts.. Redline in dandy was the closes one to my house (Clayton,Victoria) has anyone used these guys before . :wink: . am i in safe reliable hands due to the fact they have advertise there place of businees on Netrider site . :?: . Ty in advance :cool: if anyone knows a place close to my location that they have used before and are reliable trustworthy mechanics info will be great :)

  2. plz advice if this good place to put my bike in for service :)
  3. Must say I haven't heard either way about these guys... didn't even know they existed! :p Finding a reputable mechanic is a tricky one. Charlie @ Turn One has got a good rep, but he's not keen on doing Jap bikes, unfortunately (a Triumph man). Mornington Honda might be worth a try. They've looked after me for a few odds and sods. :)
  4. I've used central motorcycles in the past without complaint. However, they have recently changed their mechanic so I am not sure how the new guy(s) is (though the owner/mechanic is still the same).

    Performance Bikes and Watercraft in Moorabin have received several good reports here as well for servicing.
  5. i popped in there today to see how much the 8,000 km service would cost and when it can be done. i must say, i am very pleased with the rough price he said and i can get it done next week.

    went to ps where i bought the bike and they have dont have an opening till october and they wanted to charge me $350. the guy said there labour wages per hour went up from $70 to around $90.
    if i chose ps, i would prob clock up 9,000 kms b4 i get it in so so far i'm happy that i have it booked in at redline for wednesday and is much cheaper.