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Redline mtorcyles - dandenong - are thieves/fraudsters

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. This issue has been amicably sorted out now to the satisfaction of both parties

    They have apologised profusely for the delay and my funds have been returned

    So here is the story

    bought some gold and red bling from pro-bolt Australia which is

    2/112 Hammond Rd
    Dandenong South VIC 3175
    03 9792 5025

    Sales Person I have dealt with is Tristen

    This all started in June 2011

    Didn't like the look of the fairing bolt kit so sent it back to exchange ( and pay extra -) for a quick release fairing bolt kit in gold which has a price tag of about $200 delivered

    the return of goods cost me a 10% restocking fee then I paid the difference on the phone by credit card for the quick release kit which was delivered to me

    this kit was dodgy as- it didn't fit properly and used some bullshit 3mm thick spacer to make the bolts sit properly in the clips because the bolt is longer than factory bolts ( see pic )

    what happens is the bolts heads do not sit flush against the fairings ( see pic ) and to me this was not acceptable

    So rang Tristen and explained it was not acceptable and wanted a refund on the purchase cost but would wear the 10% restock fee and would send pictures by email to show. ( 19th July 2011)

    Rang him the next day to get his response - he said should be no problem but has to send the pics to pro-bolt UK (parent company ) for them to see the issue.

    Rang about a week later and he said no response from UK office but to send them back and he would sort it out

    Sent them back ( this is where I have screwed up - as I have misplaced the tracking number of package ) and waited for a call to confirm refund

    No news in a week so now its early August so I call - he says he has them and has put in Diary to sort problem out and will do so.

    So another week passes and no refund yet

    Have to call them again - guess what - phones going to either answering machine or someone takes a message for him to have him call me.

    Called the about 6 times over the first three weeks of August - no responses no return calls to my messages etc

    basically I am being ignored - I have not received a refund and now I have to chase this shit up through the bank

    However as I have misplaced all the receipts return postage info etc the Bank is saying will be difficult.

    So a lesson for the rest of you - if returning mail order goods send them registered post if you have issues I have had

    As for me seems I am out by $200 because of the THIEVES/FRAUDSTERS at Redline Motorcycles who wont even return calls.

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  2. They may of saved themselves $200 by not refunding you but I'm sure this review will stop more then 1 person from buying from them, so that is a lot more then $200 they will be losing.
  3. I gave them ample opportunity to sort this out and they ignored me

    This is why I have posted this - also as an example of what can go wrong in mail order

    hence my advice - always return goods by registered post that can be tracked and proven to have been delivered
  4. Shouldn't have to be dealing with this sh1t

    Thanks for the tip on returning items though, never thought about it like that.

    At least you saved a few Netriders of falling foul of these so called REDLINE Rip off merchants. Shame REDLINE of DANDENONG VIC. Shame on you Tristan for not coming to the party.

  5. why dont you GO there and sort it out?
  6. Is it worth 9 hours drive each way...???
  7. maybe cause hes from Canberra and the shop is in Melbourne? just a thought
  8. sbk, Takamii lives in Canberra, which is why he called for it to be posted. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
  9. could you just cut the bolts down to size?
  10. Send "the boys" around to visit them.

    -- Sent from the year 2319 using Tapatalk (if you can read this, I finally got my flux capacitor working)
  11. Should he have to?
  12. ohh, I see..

    Sorry for my ignorance on this matter.
  13. probably not in the 'ideal' world but shit, its not a hard job to do.

    if it was me i would have just cut them to size and this wouldnt be a problem.
  14. how u going to cut it? they are twist locks
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  15. Bastard threads to lol thread in under six posts. A new record.
  16. Couldnt you add travel time to the claim if you were to drive down tak? Seems a good excuse for a couple of days holiday in sunny old melbourne!
  17. i live in dandenong if you like I can pay them a visit
  18. lol that makes it slightly more involved. i didnt look at the pic real well.

    awks for me.
  19. I can live with my mistake and the expense for not doing things well enough by the book in concern to the return - this is my own fault

    however their integrity seems to be lacking

    i just want to warn people
  20. still it would be nice if these people could be let known that they are not getting away with this and that they have done the wrong thing. maybe that will prompt them to give you your refund and maybe even an apology