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Redline Motorcycles, Dandenong

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by heathhenry, Aug 11, 2016.

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  1. Touring from Brisbane to S.A with a stop over in Melb on the way. Prior to departure the bike started playing up so took it to Redline Motorcycles in Dandenong. The owner Tristan advised me it would need a major service inc replacement of all fluids as it was almost due & also recommended hiflow air filter & a dyno run to get it purring nicely again. So anyway after a week of waiting, nearly 2K spent on the job & an unplanned extra week of motel expenditure i was finally on my way.

    Made it to within 20km of Adelaide when the bike started playing up again & over heating with warning lights going off everywhere. Pulled over to find no water in the reservoir & oil leaking at a steady rate from the sump bolt that was only just hanging on by a thread. Had to call RACV to come & tow the bike to the nearest bike shop.

    A few days later i get a call telling me the bike was critical. Aside from the other issues, i was told the valve clearances were way out, there was only barely any water (no coolant at all) in the radiator, a blocked air filter & also a blown head gasket due to the above issues. The mechanic told me there's no way the air filter had been replaced & also that the radiator may have been flushed through but that's all that would have been done ie: previous mechanic flushed the system but forgot to fill will water & coolant after doing so!! He also highly doubted the bike was ever put on a dyno as the clearances were so out of whack the bike probably would have blown up if a dyno run was attempted.

    Not happy Jan :(

    I rang Redline to complain & was told to 'fcuk off' before being hung up on. Rang back asking to speak to the manager & was again told to 'fcuk off' & hung up on so rang my mate in Melb to ask if he'd go into the shop & see what he could do on my behalf. Well anyway, turns out my mate is very aware of Redline & refuses to take his bike there due to similar issues in the past. He also informed me that Tristan isn't even a qualified mechanic & has a habit of telling customers certain jobs need to be done, goes around the bike with dabs of grease on certain areas of the bike to make it look like it has been worked on, then parks the bike for a few days before telling the customer the bike is ready. Basically the customer pays for jobs not even carried out...... seriously!! He also informed me that Tristan ripped off his former partner & stole literally every cent she had when she left him, ripped off her brother & her mother too who had also loaded him money that was never repaid.

    Finally my bike was repaired in Adelaide by Peter Stevens (in just 2 days) & it hasn't run that well since she was new. Big thumbs up to Stevos :) How Redline is still is business aside from stealing other people's money, is totally beyond me.
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  2. That really sucks to hear you had such an experience. I'm sure you could take it further, maybe some legal advice is in order.
  3. I rely think you should report that experience to the Fair Trading Ombudsman, or something! The rest about Tristans character & qualifications is hearsay but your experience border's on downright criminal. You get shoddy mechanics but that is just ridiculous! Try & retrieve your expenses via VCAT. You can't let this go, especially after them telling you to Fcuck Off!
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  4. if the story is true and especially him telling you to Foff, i would be making the trip back over and visiting him with an iron bar !
  5. That's quite a first post! Welcome to NR.

    I'm not telling you to suck eggs but no matter where I go for servicing I check fluids before I leave the workshop and request to see any parts that were replaced (I generally have to ask for this when I drop the bike off). Too many times these basic things get forgotten (usually, "I thought Johnno was doing it.......nah, Barry was working on it.....etc, etc), so for a quick minute or two check I know that I'm right to ride home.
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  6. I tend to agree heathhenryheathhenry it is a strong first post. As moderators we are generally suspicious of first posts to bad mouth a business. The description of your experience may be true, and probably is true, but we have also had false posts in the past intended to trash a businesses reputation by one of their competitors. So as people can be more assured of your report can you give us some idea of yourself and your motorcycling history. Do that in the Welcome thread area please.

    Also I would be keen to hear from any other members who have used this company and their experiences.

    I would agree with above comments that if this was the situation you should seek to make a complaint in writing to the company concerned and a copy to Victorian Consumer Affairs. Information on resolving a dispute can be obtained on the following link

    If you are not happy with a car repair - Consumer Affairs Victoria
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  7. Ok.........so I was in two minds whether to post up or not. Well here goes nothing.

    First things first, you must take the emotion out of it. I understand this is difficult.

    You must focus on the things which are real, do you have photos of the filter which was meant to be replaced but wasn't?
    Do you have a receipt saying you purchased one and it was installed?
    What was the exact work done on it? Does it have a power commander, if not what was the dyno for. Do you have dyno readouts and a copy of that.

    I may be wrong but from the way I read it most things are hearsay. The statement of no water is ridiculous, you couldn't have got within 20km of Adelaide with no water. Yes it must have been leaking somewhere but that is a different thing. Especially if you've done the head gasket thats where all the water has gone.

    Which leads me to my next question did Stevos pull the engine apart take the head off and shave it before a complete reassemble in 2 days??? Thats quite amazing if so.

    What I'm trying do say is look at the facts. What was on the docket, what can be proven etc etc. At the moment it just seems like an emotional rant without some cold hard info. It really appears you've been done hard and if that's the case I would be wanting some money back. 2k to redline. Plus for a head gasket repair it must have been in the same vicinity. Thats a lot of coin............
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  8. I'd like to hear their side of the story.....
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  9. Hope you got an invoice with parts listed that were replaced. Go to Office of Fair Trading and complain mate. That is a horrible experience. Horrible. Hit all forms of social media to give this joker a 'fair' rating. Hope you get some money back.
  10. Perhaps rather than enabling this guy about wrecking the reputation of a business on social media it would be best to find out the whole story rather than a rant without many facts from a first time poster.
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  11. You making too much sense jonnymacjonnymac, stop it!;)
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  12. I agree. You would want to have all your ducks in a row before making statements on forums, FB, etc, that may be detrimental to their business.
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  13. Department of Fair Trading, Small Claims Tribunal and my solicitors would be who I was getting in contact with.
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  14. The post is long on invective and short on evidence. I'm not suggesting anything he's said is necessarily wrong. I'm merely saying that if it's true he needs to back it up with some independently verifiable facts. Without facts there's a few improbabilities going on here. If the post is accurate it means:
    • The OP is from QLD but has a "mate" in Melbourne who is also a bike enthusiast. Fair enough.
    • Except that when he realised that needed his bike serviced in Melbourne, he somehow didn't think to ask his "mate" to recommend a mechanic.
    • By coincidence his "mate" just happened to have also had an equally appalling experience with the very same business. What are the odds?
    • By coincidence his "mate" is so intimately acquainted with the business owner that he knows his qualifications and the detailed modus operandi of all the dirty tricks the business owner allegedly plays
    • But there's more. It so happened that his "mate" somehow knows the business owner allegedly stole "every cent" from his partner, brother, mother, pet alpaca etc etc etc - and his "mate" had never thought to mention it before. Ever. I dunno. The riders I know love a good yarn and a ripper like that would definitely have come up.
    • Try an advanced google search of "Redline Motorcycles" site:netrider.net.au It fails to uncover a single additional post here that has outlined an even remotely similar experience. If anyone ran their business like that it would be well known round these parts. Surely.
    So all in all, I think there's more to this than meets the eye and that a moderator would be wise to take it down until some actual facts can be established.
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  15. I am surprised to hear this, I have never had a bike their . I did buy some well nuts off him about a year ago, when he closed early on a Saturday morning . He had just locked the door then saw me and I said its OK I would come back next week but he said no and opened the shop knowing I was only spending 10 - $20 and some one was waiting for him then another bloke rocked up and he served him as I left . Normally someone who goes the extra step when they don't have to normally don't tell reasonable people to f### off. I had also spoke to them about dynoing a dirtbike a couple of years ago and they were quite honest with the diagnostic equipment he had at the time. Lucky enough I found the problem and didn't need to dyno it. I'M in no way trying to say the above didn't happen , but I thought I would share my experience with them .I'm not related or have any interest in the business or owners or employees. I have a solid back ground in the automotive trade / industry
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  16. This thread troubles me for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is the fact the OP hasn't posted since. Slamming a company on heresay is bad form, unless the OP can address some of the questions raised by other posters and provide some evidence to support his claims I'm inclined to lock the thread. I will give it a little longer.
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  17. My exact thoughts from the start McsennaMcsenna it's one thing for a member which everyone knows to be honest and unbiased in a situation to vent and it has some merit. But to waltz in with what I would describe as a rant with not much evidence and never come back to answer reasonable questions suggests there's bucket loads more to it........
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  18. Agreed and the OP's one and only post !
  19. Maybe Tristan shagged his wife........now theres a story worth telling.
    Seriously though I agree with above comments. Its hard enough being a small business owner as it is (I would know) without shit getting thrown at you on a forum without evidence or the opportunity to respond. I think Netrider should view these things seriously and act quicker, as it does with posts about accidents and deaths....peoples livelihood and reputations are at stake.
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