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Redlight runner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Sooty, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. So I went up to Townsville for a mates wedding. Since my mate wasn't going to be using his little Honda Spada I thought I'd use that as my means of transportation for a bit of sight seeing (I'm from there originally so it was seeing how things have changed etc).

    During my travels I hopped off the new 'ring road' motorway onto Harvey's Range Road to head north towards Black River. I was waiting behind a cage at the lights to turn right. Lights turn green, cage delays a bit (no rush in Townsville...) then begins to move forward. Out of habit I check left/right for red light runners, even tho I wasn't first in line, and I see a Wanless garbage truck coming at the intersection from the right side at a fair chop and I thought "no way that lad is going to stop in time". Luckily the cage in front also figured this and stopped at the last second. The truck just shoots through like the intersection didn't exist.

    The way I see it, because the cage delayed a few seconds before moving, that could have been me in front of that truck.

    So lesson learned - always check intersections! Even if your not first in line.

  2. So, did you phone the company and report the idiot?
  3. Good job. I try to make a habit of quickly scanning intersections before I get into one too - it might just save your bacon one day.

    I was born in T'ville, lived there 'til I was 17 [Pimlico high baby]. I was back a couple of years ago, hardly recognised the place :LOL:
  4. I reckon I'm pretty good to scanning intersections for threats :p

    Driving the girlfriend home the other night in the cage, we were coming up to a set of lights that turned yellow. I knew it was a short yellow light that would mean I had to slow down quickly, or brush through JUST after it turned red (which i somtimes do when it's really quiet, for some reason the yellow is really short but the next cycle doesn't start for a few seconds - also if you brush through on red, you make the next 4 sets, but if you go through from the start you get caught at reds for the next 4 :(.).

    Anyway, I planted the anchors and came to a stop just before the line. My girlfriend turns to me and goes "How come you stopped?". I pointed at the divvy van sitting three spots back on the left hand side of the intersection :wink:
  5. There are some crazy road rules tbh.
    I was in twmba and all these road train things kept running lights.. turns out.. they have right of way on red lights.. wtf?
  6. Wasn't aware of that one, but it seems like a no brainer....
  7. I call bullshit on that one...