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Redlight jam- to a wham bam mam

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DavoDinkum, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. admit it, we all know the ladies love the concept of us having engines between our legs aswell and I really understand god when he lets them get a little cheeky towards us at the lights...and since funs contageous once u get them on the back its usually not long before she takes u on one

    So I wana hear your happy ending stories about chiks uv met on the bike,.,.. most likely because of the bike...

    Just another bike riding joy/ add your funny experiences

  2. on one what?

    edit: oh! i see. nah! i got nothin'. had more action when i was a ski instructor;)
  3. on a bike?
  4. Bikes pick up scrubbers

    pick up chicks
  5. Well I had my girlfriend before my bike but the first time I took her on a ride she loved it. I took her from Cairns to Port Douglas which is about an hour each way. The only problem was once we got home she complained about how sore she was and how there was no way I was getting any tonight :cry:

    Guess I should have broke her in a little easier :LOL:
  6. You realise thats not the only end one can have fun with?
  7. you just typed my thoughts :rofl:
  8. LoL
    thats life... if worst comes to worst just take another one
  9. im gona christen my bike soon, i can feel it
  10. dont forget to wait 'til the zorst cools down dood, it'll burn your tackle :p :rofl:
  11. Yeh lucky i aint married, hows that for a bike skar
  12. Id get a sik patch for it
  13. BBBBB
    balls burnt bangin bootys on bikes
  14. nevermind!
  15. Thanks buddy, theres more to it than pussy but, its somthing magical or somthing, its the best addition to a life in some sort of way.

    I just sit with my bike in the garage and rub the crome to high heaven with a beer on every other night pussy is a great thing though, i respect the pussy and like the way it comes to play u hear me :) Im at the lights the otha day stopped outside a pizza shop with windows all the way in kingsford, full of people the chickys i waved all 4 of em, u no im flexing n makin jokes they loving it cos i held up traffic for em

    i seen a few porno pictures before i think thats got me thinkin to much and the lady at the lighst today... i lost blood.

  16. .... Oooooooooookay?!


    You dreamt the part about the Pizza shop didnt you DavoDinkum?
  17. I knew youd find me
  18. Filthy bastards. [​IMG]

  19. I nominate this for quote of the year.

  20. i had this hi school girl begging me to pillion her. well she didn't know what L plate means. and her boyfriend asked me to wheelie on a steep road, not to tell ican't do wheelie