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Redlight Cameras - How they work

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Somebody posted here a question about getting pinged by a redlight camera when they didn't actually proceed through the intersection. This maybe of interest to them.


    Vicroads are making cartoons.....woohoo. Might have to mashup some Ren and Stimpy
  2. Wow that black screen at the end is awesome.
  3. Thanks for that! It was me.

    I was sitting just in front of the white line so hopefully they don't get me on that technicality ;)
  4. I like the way it says "why do we have red light cameras" but then the comments box has been switched off so you cant give an answer!
  5. On a tangent, at what point on the intersection are speed cameras triggered?
  6. The clip shows it Haksu
  7. No probs. You'll have to figure out the rest.
  8. I was filtering at an intersection the other night, and had my front wheel over the white line when the camera flashed twice.
    Both pics should show I was stationary.
    Thats if the cars didn't hide my no plate?
    Will have to wait and see if I get a notice.
  9. "failling to stop for traffic lights, whether a red light or red arrow, attracts a fine and three demerit points"

    Not if you enter from the other side of the road, Bitchezz!!
  10. I'm curious to know if you do get done or not...let us know!
  11. i always get well out in front of the cars, usually past the line. only won't do it if theres pedestrians waiting to cross. but hey, i did'nt design the intersection. not my fault there is'nt a box at the front for two wheeled vehicles. hello?? vic tards ??? repaint your intersections allready dumbasses, bikes use the roads too.
    have never recieved a fine for it yet. i suspect theres a rather obvious reason for that.

    personally, i've always found being t-boned by a large truck a good deterent for entering an intersection with a red light. even before there were safety cameras to protect me from people running the green.
    thank god the camera is there, now it's perfectly safe. can get back to my texting and let the safety cameras protect me.
  12. Propaganda... I lived next to a red light camera on flinders st. Just about every time I walked past it/drove through it people were getting flashed on the YELLOW not the red.

    imo they put my safety at risk, as I said in response to this:


    "I for one don't appreciate being put in the sticking situation of deciding to either pulling up at the yellow and risk the hot headed motorist behind me who clearly wants to make the lights becoming intimate with my rear wheel or receiving a sizeable fine and possible licence loss. I spend more time looking in the rear view mirror (at lights) or fixated on my speedometer then I do enjoying the ride and observing whats happening around me, and when I finally say screw it my safety is more important I get a $190 fine in the mail for being 3 kph over the limit. I think that if I do come unstuck there would be a 37.234 percent chance that it is somehow related with said 'safety' cameras."
  13. I can live with red light cameras. I think that they have made some intersections safer... Unfortunately the discerning police approach that was evidenced in the past that took cicymstances into account, have been replaced by robotic asshats that have lost the genuine intention for having these cameras in the first place.

    One upon a time a rider would never get pinging for crossing the white line, nor cars making a big effort to stop per the rules, but happens to finish his stop beyond the white line.

    Now, you'll cop a hefty fine for crossing the line even though you did not cross the intersection - the dangerous thing they were originally deployed to help prevent, abd pretty much succeeded with.

    The spirit of the law has gone...

    If i had the obscene amounts of money some people have i would be happy to challenge such an incident, and literally outspend the police force to defend it.
  14. much prefer to cross it.

    > gives you a reasonable buffer from the cars behind.
    if the retarded zombie sitting in the car behind suddenly lurches forward, you need that space for a fighting chance. and it's not uncommon for them to do this. the green arrow sometimes triggers them. they lurch forward about a metre before realising it was a green arrow for the lane beside them, not green for them to go. always watch the ****tard behind you keenly when a green arrow comes on.

    > gives you clean bitumen to place your rear tyre on, not sitting in a inch thick of greasy/oily crud.
    - the crud or the line itself are not suitable for your motorcycle to move of from a stop, particularly in wet conditions.

    > it makes you clearly visible to every single retard behind a steering wheel at that intersection, facing you from any direction. you are separate from the mass. there is a motorcycle there.

    it's yet just another example as to when to disregard road/traffic law in favour of your own life and limb.

    do you think 100 hours of instructor supervised riding for noobs will teach them stuff like this ?
    =; nope!

    will you get pinged for it ?
    :-k maybe, maybe not, depends on the cop who witnesses you doing it. some realise why you do it, others are ignorant/uninformed.

    ride safe. peace out
  15. I got flashed once at Ann & George (Bris) at about 9pm, on what I was pretty sure was an amber light, so I started ringing the cops, the traffic light people, the people who installed and maintained the red light cameras, the pope, the US president ... I never got a ticket. I must have made about a dozen phonecalls that night, but I sure got the message out there that I felt hardly done by and I wasn't happy.
  16. The camera isn't even activated until the light turns red (except for speeding)... like all the people that were complaining about the red light camera on Nepean Hwy next to Southland that was catching stacks of people on the red arrow and complaining it was going off on amber. If i recall the footage i saw and the reports it was found that yes it may have been a short amber light but all the camera flashes were once the light turned red and someone crossed the line. Seen plenty of other cameras go off on red lights, never one on a yellow though.
  17. Well the video says that two pictures are taken, one when the vehicle goes over the sensors and another to make sure that the vehicle went through the intersection. It later says that you will only be fined if you go through the intersection when the light is red. So no, you won't get a notice if you just sit on the line, if you do then you can just protest and I'm sure the review board will let you off. If not then take it to court and sue for court fees as well as your demerit points.
  18. Not quite right, it says you will be fined if you enter the intersection after the light turns red. Enter the intersection means the front of your vehicle crosses the stop line. In the case of a red light camera you would have to trigger both the loop before and the loop after the stop line, ie move from before the line to over the line while the light is red.

    The current standard is to activate the camera 0.2 to 0.5 seconds after the red light, used to be two seconds, which is when the cross traffic sees a green.

    The diagram in the "video" shows both detection loops after the stop line, that is not correct either.

    You can't sue for demerit points either.

    Don't believe everything you see on the internet.

  19. You can sue for demerit points... if your fine is quashed, then you will not have any less demerit points than you started with.
    I would imagine that the *whole* vehicle would have to enter the intersection. So if you are waiting at the lights and your front wheel is over the stop line and the rear wheel is on the stop line, you should be fine.
    I tried triggering a few speed cameras by rolling the front wheel of the bike up to where the video says the first sensor should be, nothing.
  20. Anyway, back on topic