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Red Wing Honda versus New World Honda

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Wanderer, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Before I start something controversial can I say I am impressed with both these dealers, however wanted to know if anyone had any experience with either or preferably both of these dealers from the point of view of buying a new bike from them?

    I am curious about their after-sales service, honesty, and anything else that may be relevant?
  2. Redwing has moved mountains for me with servicing and a couple of warruntee claims I've had to make......can't recommend them enough. Absolutely brilliant service.

    Also last time I was there I saw a deal they were offering with any new bikes they sold, if you paid upfront you save 66% on servicing charges and get a bike for the day. If you have the cash up front, it would be worth your while checking to see if they have it still.

    You should also use the search feature of the forums to check out the posts that are already up about these two businesses.
  3. Is this going to be an all in CAGE brawl , or is it a more dignified fight ?

    Will it be available on Fox ?

    :cool: :cool:
  4. I go with New World myself. The sales staff are brilliant and what they dont know about bikes aint worth knowing :grin: and Tony and Rob are always up for a chat and help me out heaps. Grant (the boss) is always been great and saved me a few dollars on my last three bikes.

    Scotty in the accesories/parts is one of the best blokes I have ever met and has stoped me from wasting my money on stuff I didnt need quite a few times :wink: and he will order in stuff they dont stock if you want it.

    Danny and the boys in the service department are just as good as the rest and he even made a few phone calls for me to a certain insurance company when they were giving me a few hassles.

    Basically I put it like this- When I get bored I just call in there for a chat and I useually dont leave for a few hours and I dont even have to buy something

    After all that I have never been to Redwing so I cant comment on them :wink:
  5. I bought the Blade from New World in 2003, and have taken both my bikes for servicing there ever since. All the guys have been extremely friendly and helpfull in all departments and the servicing department always do great work.

    I've not had any experience with Red Wing.