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Red Wing Honda Heidelberg

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by VFR750 IRYDE, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I don't know if this part of the forum is very active, but I thought I'd note my good and bad thoughts of this major motorcycle dealer in the northern suburbs of Melb.

    I've done servicing, tyres, parts and consumables through Red Wing, with a mixed bag of impressions.

    Servicing: It always feels a little expensive to me, but I have to say they do a fantastic job. My last service (72,000km major) which was completed only a few days ago has the bike feeling great. Plus they cleaned it, which is a bonus for peeps like me who ride in the rain and are too lazy to wash their own bike. :)

    But I have to ask, is it so hard to make a phone call at the end of the day to let me know how it's gone and to explain that it isn't ready yet but it should be by such and such a time? This seems to happen EVERYWHERE I go, car and bike servicing. I have to chase them up the day after it was supposed to be done and find out what's going on. That can be frustrating when I only have a narrow time window to pick up the bike or I'll be without it for the rest of the week... :( But like I said, this isn't just Red Wing, so I can't mark them down too heavily.

    So overall, a solid 4/5 for top quality work and great attention to detail, with quibles about communication being the only major let down.

    Parts / Tyres etc: This is where it gets interesting. I went for a new front, in a very common size. Wanted the Pilot road 2. Not in stock, had to settle for a BT021. Went back for a rear and wanted another BT021 to match the front... Not in stock. But we have the Pilot Road 2 instead...? Now fair enough you go through lots of stock, but I would have thought you'd have a ready supply of tyres on hand. They are not exactly a short shelflife item.

    But really, I'm being picky.

    I'm not being quite so picky however when I mention that TWICE I've seen them in person and then left my number with them regarding getting a Scott Oiler fitted, (another item that they happen to not have in stock) and I've never heard back from them. Now ok, I'm making a specific request and I can't expect the earth from them, but THIS IS WHAT THEY DO! They sell bikes, service bikes, and sell / fit aftermarket parts to bikes. How hard is it to price the supply and fitting of a Scott Oiler? Or at least tell me to go somewhere else rather than have me waiting for a phone call.

    So we see a trend here. Fantastically friendly service. Great quality workmanship... bad communication with the customer.

    I want to give them a 3/5 despite this problem, simply because their service is so friendly one-on-one, but in truth, failing to follow up a customer after TWO active attempts by them is pretty poor, so I'm dropping it to 2.5/5.

    Other stuff: I threw a curve ball at the service department the other day, and this is what actually prompted me to write this review. I stuffed the tail light assembly in a stationary drop a few weeks back. (a driver rushed over to help me pick it up and grabbed it by the tail bodywork... crack snapple and pop) I jerry rigged some oversize screws to hold it together and limped it down to Red Wing. One piece of the body was missing, one of the passenger handgrip mounting points was cracked through, an indicator had stopped working and all the internal mounting points for the screws to hold everything together with were broken. Basically a mess. I was cringeing at the thought of what it would cost me.

    I told them I didn't have the money to replace the missing piece of body, ($150 just for the part, and the mounting points for it were stuffed anyway, so we couldn't have attached it even if I bought it) and that I just needed something practical and secure to keep the lights where they should be. Well they rigged up a brilliantly simple bracket which is doing an admirable job and added only an hour or two of labour to the overall bill. They did leave one of my dirty great big screws where it was, rather than replacing it with an oem, but again, I'm really being picky to complain about that. 4/5

    Summary: Well it's a mixed bag really. The reality of their work is that it is top notch. VERY happy with them in that regard. On closer examination they work out to be ok on price too. (I had another local workshop do some work for me and they managed to lose my rubber fuel tank stoppers and in the end didn't save me much dough for my trouble.) So the only let downs are perhaps a little bit less stock on hand than I'd like, (only a small let down) and this blasted communication problem that marrs an otherwise brilliant team. Overall? 3.5/5. With easy 4+ if they could just call me...

    So will I do business with them again? Too right I will. But I'll expect it to take a day longer than stated, and I'll budget for a few follow up calls of my own. It's not the way it SHOULD be, but it is the way it is.
  2. Thorough review there mate. Hopefully the people at Redwing will read this and do something to improve the communication.