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Red Warning Light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kurtis_Strange, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Ok the guy who sold me the bike has misplaced the owners manual but I've sorted out where to get a new one for about $30 (03 GSXR 600), in the mean time...

    Took my bike for a short ride around to a friends place last night to show him, and as there were quite a few traffic lights on the way (and I'm still pretty slow on the bike) the temp gauge shot up to 106 and the fans kicked in.

    Now this happened before so I wasn't too worried, but when I got to my mates house I of course had to give the bike a good rev to show him how it sounds :grin: and the temp gauge jumped straight up to 109 and a red warning light next to little thermo and oil icons came on saying 'CHECK' :?

    I let the bike cool down for about an hour and a half and started it up again...the red warning light came on again when I turned the key but it went off once the engine was running.

    Rode it home at night and the temp stayed on about 80-85 so I was thinking thats ok.

    But today when I turned the ignition key on the red light and 'CHECK' is coming on every time and displaying the digital oil symbol? Once the bikes started it goes off and the running temp has been around 80 on another short ride...The oil level is fine.

    So I'm wonering if there's something that needs to be reset before the red light will stop coming on when I turn the ignition?

    Any ideas?
  2. Often the lights will come on as a safety mechanism to let you know they are working and go out as soon as the bike is started. Riding slow in the heat and stopping/starting will definately send the bike temp way up and cause the fans to kick in. This sounds pretty normal. If the lights come on while acutally riding, something isn't right!
  3. yeah the only thing thats got me worried is that red light saying 'CHECK' has never come on before...

    I think its a cause from the temp going so high yesterday but I'd like to reset it if possible...so check what?
  4. Yeah on my ZZR the oil light comes on every time i turn the key to on. It's to let you know that your oil light still works so the you will actually get a warning of low oil and not blow your bike up while riding.

    Once started however if it doesn't disappear within 5 seconds or so you should be checking your oil level.
  5. Do you think the "check" is related to the oil level or temperature reading? Make sure you are checking your oil level when the bike is cold as well as it will read much higher when it is hot. I'm not sure if your bike measures coolant level?

  6. Hmm maybe it has always come on and I just haven't noticed :oops:

    I think its got my attention because it came on when it was running very hot which hasn't happened before.
  7. When the red light keeps coming on a suzuki it means time to buy a kawaski
  8. They always come on when the ignition is turned on so you can check to see if the important warning lights are actually working. This is typical operation of warning lights.

    Like others have said, if they come on whilst riding, then worry.