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Red Traffic light changer

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by goz, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Whos seen this before?

    stumbled accross it..


    The world's strongest red light changer
    Ends excessive waiting at red lights
    Works on any motorcycle
    Legal in all states and countries
    Needs no power
    Tough, durable, weatherproof and road-proof
    Powerful adhesive for easy installation
    It really works or your money-back

    Stop wasting your life waiting for the light to change

    If you ride a motorcycle, you've been there... growing old, waiting for a red light to change. You can go through it and risk a ticket or wait even longer for a car to come along behind you. No more! The RLC-40 Red Light Changer is the world's strongest red light changer, guaranteed to eliminate the nuisance.

    Under most stoplights, wire loops embedded in the pavement act as a big metal detector. They work fine when you're driving a two-ton automobile. But the average bike just doesn't have enough metal to trigger the light. The RLC-40 gives your bike the boost it needs, putting a massive magnetic field around your bike. To the light circuit, your bike looks practically like a huge SUV - and the red hurries to green.

    More than a magnet

    Specially designed for motorcycles, the heart of the patented RLC-40 Red Light Changer is a small but extremely powerful neodymium-boron-iron magnet. It's strong enough to lift 40 pounds of steel, yet small enough to tuck away under your bike - and carefully engineered so all that power does not interfere with your bike's electronics.

    Encased in a high-tech epoxy shell tested to stand up to all conditions, nothing bugs this road-tough character - bugs, oil, fuel, salt or debris. Coupled with the industrial-strength adhesive that keeps it stuck in all conditions, it's no wonder the RLC-40 is guaranteed for life.

    There are other red light devices out there, but the RLC-40 is the strongest and toughest of the bunch. It's completely legal, easy to install and guaranteed to work - sending red lights packing.
  2. Top idea if it works as they say
  3. i thought the lines on the rd was for weight and not metal
  4. Nope metal detecting.
  5. yep, Faraday's law of induction. You don't even need a magnet, just any type of metal. A strong magnet like that will give a much larger "footprint" though.
  6. Will it affect the motorcycle negatively in any way?
  7. Yes, you'll get stuck crossing tram tracks.
  8. Pick up a bit of debris off the road maybe?
  9. where to buy, how much and does it work in australia? i thought it the sensors were weight based...
  10. aussiemagnets.com

    its just a magnet

    worth $2

    my postie had a magnet on the oil drain bolt seemed to work and also attract metal shavings in the oil

    stamping my steel caps works too, no im not imagining it i ride when everyone else it tucked in bed and there are are no cars on the road so ive had plenty of time to try things out, as it seems i always get the red lights even though im the only fool on the bloody road
  11. ebay it, only in US though
  12. the sensors here are only calibrated to detect small cars and up...that thing wont make any diference...ask vic toads why they don't wan't bikes/scooters using traffic intersections?...it gives me the shits often...either i wait for a car to turn up and move forward in the faint hope that the driver realises why i did, so he/she can trigger the sensor...but they generally won't, help you out... they just sit there like "durrr i wonder wat day it is, i can text my friend and find out ummm durrr..so i just get bored, look left, look right and **** it...not wheres theres cameras though.

    Oh and while you're on the phone to vic toads enquiring as to why they are suck a pack of ****ing morons, ask them why they stopped putting the grippy stuff in white paint...and have instead opted to go with the slipperiest white paint in the known universe.
  13. Just hit the starter motor button. Since you're stopped and the clutch is disengaged, it'll just whirr away and throw out a magnetic field that trips the induction loop in the road.
  14. every intersection has a traffic light control box. Ring vicroads, quote the number on the box and tell them the loops are not sensitive enough. They will then come out and make adjustments. I've done it twice now with lights near home that would not trigger no matter what you did. Within 2 days on both occasions it was working fine.

    Look for the loops in the road, place your engine over a corner or put the side stand down on a corner, this has almost always worked for me.

    I personally see no need to have the above device.
  15. :rofl:

    I used to fit a few earth magnets under my 250 hornet, not sure if it helped much, but firing the starter seemed to do the trick. Odly enough, the 600 doesn't seem to have a problem.
  16. Hello Capt Obvious here......

    Ummm put your side stand down..Its cheaper and already mounted?

    They do put the glass beads ( the grippy stuff ) in the paint still it will just vary as to who is doing the line marking.

  17. Yeah +1 to that, I put my kick stand down whenever this is an issue, though it has only happened a handful of times.
  18. If I put my sidestand down it kills the engine.
  19. Even when in neutral?
  20. I find it ironic we have trouble triggering traffic lights, but never seem to have a problem triggering red light and speed cameras.

    Actually I wouldn't mind one of those magnets on the end of a stick so i can set off the cameras while I'm waiting at the lights, that would be entertaining.