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Red Riding Hood loves LAMS

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Red Riding Hood, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Hi All,

    Firstly thanks for the ad on. My story runs a bit like this. After many years of wanting I've FINALLY womaned up and am following my heart, RIDING. While I knock around on my kids dirt bikes and pillioned for many years I've always wanted my road licence. On Wednesday I pick up my very first new to me CB400 08, YAY my first road bike and didn't I look like a mental over enthusiastic teen age girl on a sugar rush meeting a boy band member on the purchase of said bike, new nickers may or may not of been needed. I am now sourcing out where to go to complete learner lessons. I'm NOT looking for the "quickest, easiest" option, I'm looking for the "your NOT leaving here till you know your stuff" option. I've never been one for quick fixes. After all it's my safety and enjoyment they are going to give me the skills for. So any ideas would be greatly appreciated. :happy:
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  2. Hi RRH and welcome, I'm sure you'll gave an absolute blast on the new beast. Where are you located, this will help members with advice on where to go for lessons? Also look out for newbie rides and practise sessions in your area, there are plenty of threads on these. These can give you the critical info you really need to ride a bike properly, whereas many LAMS courses only give you the riding basics and it can be pretty daunting trying to figure out the rest on the road yourself!

    Have fun!
  3. Hi Chillibutton,
    I live in the hills. I've already noticed a Saturday learners ride on this forum that goes through the hills, so this could suit. However, I've noticed the threads were posted in August so not sure if they are still running.
  4. Ps thanks for the welcome=D
  5. Melbourne hills? Adelaide? Help...

    They are still running in Melbourne for sure, there are also riders who have volunteered as mentors so have a search for that thread too.
  6. Oops sorry, Melbourne. Originally a Wollongong gal (south of Sydney).
  7. ive heard that uncle greg bloke is a good monster
  8. so when you said hills you meant the Dandenong's ?
  9. I also heard he takes cuddles for payments instead of petrol money, lunch and a bike wash. Which is awesome as my proficiencies with a high pressure hose is not awesome
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  10. There you go, UG can advise on next ride etc. As for training, HART got my wife up and riding and passing the test in one afternoon (with some pre-practise with me), not sure if others.
  11. Absolutely, well Yarra Ranges, Emerald to be exact.
  12. Almost in UG's back yard then!
  13. Where are you UG?
  14. Upwey but lived in Avonsliegh for many years
  15. Well that's just up the road, nice little short cut too along Emerald-Kallista Rd
  16. Welcome to Netrider, now where did I leave my popcorn :)
  17. Look up "mentors" and you'll find a current thread (13 Jan last I think) and you'll find a few near you too. I think UG. May be one, also petesul
  18. Ok
    Ok so your more of the watch and see type of person. Popcorns in the microwave, give it a minute
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  19. Welcome to the forum.. Very nice choice in bike you have there :)
  20. Mentors sound good, will look it up.
    I plan on riding to and from work while the weather is warm enough to build up some experience.