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Red Ps to full licence

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Mightyred1, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. I have been on the red Ps coming up to 12 months (Dec 21) and I'm over 25 y/o and held car licence for 30 odd years. I know I don't have to go on green Ps. My question is, do I have to go to RMS and do another knowledge test or just pay fee for the licence upgrade or (I doubt this very much) the RMS will update my licence automatically for free (Well its nearly Xmas!) Sorry if this has been done to death before.


  2. all you have to do is fill in licence application form, and pay $25ish to reprint licence :)

    they won't do it a day early, but it's not a hassle at all (remember Unannderra and Shellharbour RMS's are closing and moving to Warrawong)
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  3. as oldcorrollas said, no test!
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  4. So what 1000cc bike are u buying for Xmas ?
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  5. surely his learner bike will be ok for a few years? :p
    what's an extra 250cc between friends?... less than a beer :D
  6. (remember Unannderra and Shellharbour RMS's are closing and moving to Warrawong)"

    Wow didn't know that!! That sucks big time....
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    not so bad? hours are better..
    it's down between Domayne and Hardly Normal Google Maps

    Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm
    Saturday 8.30am to 3pm "

    Service NSW expands in the South Coast
    Mr Perrottet said old, single agency shopfronts will be merged into new Service NSW one-stop shops which have extended trading hours and access to a range of other services not previously available.
    Accordingly, services at Unanderra motor registry and Shellharbour will relocate to Warrawong with a digital store to be deployed in Shellharbour to assist in the transition to the new Warrawong one-stop shop. Motor registry staff at merged registries will be offered priority assessment for jobs in Service NSW, with more jobs being created in the region overall.

    Corrimal will convert mid December (and probably NO licence printing on-site) Corrimal Service Centre

    Shellharbour will have a "digital" store in the shopping centre while people get used to the idea of the Warrawong centre.. = kiosk where you can fill in online stuff?
  8. Also, very few RTA/RMS offices can print new licences on the spot. In most cases they will give you a paper receipt with the new licence status over the counter and some days later you will get your new license card in the mail.

    A lot of RMS services are now available on line. It might be worth logging on and seeing if you can sort this without having to go into a service centre. Also try over the telephone.
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  9. Coughs into hand discreetly...having umm done just this on Wednesday the 25th November at approximately 1102am at Port Macquarie Sevice Centre, I not very quietly let go of my Ps (I didn't tell anyone else on NR about if either, I like to keep things like that to myself :bolt:
    I can tell you that you have to
    • fill out an application form not a renewal form,
    • If you have less than 6 months left on your unrestricted car license you can renew early and pay for five years.
    • If like myself and a few others you have an unblemsished driving record (coughs discreetly into hand again) you can get a five year bike car unrestricted for $87 (hald price noice)
    • You get to have a brand new photo taken so you don't look like you just got let out of Long Bay (my was a shocker before)
    • You keep your old license as Id and they gave you the paper one until your new one comes in the post.
    don't forget to celebrate wisely :D oh and post photos about it on NR.
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  10. Try and get a 10 year license if possible. When I upgraded mine about 2 months ago they offered me a 10 year license for the same price as a 5 year
  11. Cheers mate. much appreciated....
  12. Sticking with the old 2002 GSX 750 I bought on New Years day this year...great for learning on road....though 100cc over...
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  13. STUNNED!!!!! Went into the RMS this morning to find out when I can get my full licence. Dec 20-ish I thought...."No Kev you can get it right now, fill out this form and pay $25..and that's it" Made my F#$@ing week!! Got to sit for another photo that I wasn't ready for, you know, helmet hair and a three day growth (Long Bay Special) Anyway, full licence...(Spot on Oldcorollas) All legal now.....
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  14. So how did that happen? Did you get it before the 12m was up? If so I am a few weeks shy, and would like to not be on zero tolerance over Christmas / double points. Might pop into my nearest service first to ask 'when I can upgrade'.
  15. Don't know really, I must have miscalculated, but I was 99% sure it was mid December minimum. No harm going in there before Xmas though, you never know...Now that I think about it she did look a bit like Mrs Claus