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Red 'P's on the freeway.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Big W, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Do many riders here on their red P plates ride on the freeway?

    If so, when your doing the maximum 90 k's/hr (yes, of course you are!!), how do you cope with the trucks that come up behind you & sit on yer a$$? It must just suck having to sit on 90 when everyone around & behind you is doing at least 110. Bit like the ol' cyclist taking up a lane look!

    The trucks are particularly bad here in Sydney on our freeways & I often wonder how you's cope!?

  2. I did this quite a few times on restrictions (and on a scooter mind you) and found I was more comfortable doing the posted speed limit rather than the 80 or whatever I was meant to do on my L's. Not that I'm advocating this of course.

    I think you need to exercise a bit of judgement in these situations and I'd much rather lose my licence than my life so "mostly" what I would do was if it was busy keep up with traffic if it was not so busy let them use the overtaking lane.
  3. I agree with robbie55. I'd rather break the law and be safe and alive than obey the law and be in danger or worse, dead.
  4. This is a particular stupid NSW rule that puts new riders at greater risk. You NSW riders should get changing this rule put on the issues list at the Motorcycle Council of NSW
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  5. On the same topic but different state, when we passed the L's course the instructor said that there was an 80kph limit, it also says 80 in the "learners book" or w/e its called. But, on the back of my licence it says must not exceed 100kmh, would this be because ive got a full drivers licence or what? Very misleading lol
  6. If you decide to do the posted limit and you do come across a radar, do not hit the breaks. Continue at your speed. To be pulled over you require the copper to turn around and see your plate and they are more likely to do this if they see you rapidly slowing down to 80 or 90. Don't give em a reason to check, if you see them they have already clocked you over your limit but have no reason to think your in the wrong.
  7. Yeah, good point.

    I don't see many P plate drivers sticking to their restricted limits and I don't think I've ever seen an L plate rider (well, not that I've noticed at least!) on the freeway.

    It's a hellava retarded rule though...and quite dangerous.
  8. I wore my L's once and have never put a P on my bike. My safety is more important than their stupid rules.

    Ride your own ride
  9. Well im in melbourne and i do 100 on the fwy... And occasionally have people passing at greater speeds.. I guess they're in a hurry. The speed limit here is 100. Unfortunately you're always going to have ****wits... At any speed... I've had people tailgating in a 60k zone... They just don't get it

    Does anyone know if you're on your red ps in vic and go ride in sydney do you have to follow this retarded rule?? Also.. Ill be on green in july.. Same question..i don't knOw nsw road rules
  10. I would have though a camera will only be set to detect anyone over the posted limit.
    I doubt it would detect a L plater doing 95 in a 110 zone.
    They would leave platers speeding up to the police I'd say.

    Mickey, you sound like you may not be aware of how typically wrong moto speedos are.
    Many bikes leave their manufacturers with their speed being up to 10% lower their speedos are displaying.
    I'd do some comparing with a gps so you know what your speed really is..
  11. I went with the flow of the traffic on freeways while I was on my red P's, it was safer I felt. Anyway, how many p platers in cars do you see flying past you while texting or facebooking or whatever else besides actually concentrating on the job at hand...
  12. ^wot robbie said.
  13. I rode on the motorway heaps on my L's and now Red P's and I usually just didn't have L/P plates on and did the speed limit and the times I did have plates on when I rode past radars they never did anything..
  14. yeah my speedos accurate, checked with my motorbike gps that i recently bought (it was the same), Also i had my dad following me home when i bought the new bike as it was in glen Waverly and i didn't know where to go (have the gps now so i don't have to worry about that!), and he has a gps also.. so i can only go off those 2 results..
    so its accurate to my knowledge.
  15. No it is a restriction of your permit/license not a road rule. Conversely officially NSW rider should follow this rule even if in Vic. Although Vic police wouldn't care in general.
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  16. ... except for the small matter of Vic progressively rolling out the NSW 80k/hr learner limit here for all roads/road users (incl. f/ways).
  17. If that's the case we need to resist this it is Road Safety Theatre which does nothing except put new riders at greater risk. Do you have any citations Nightowl on the move in this direction?
  18. From the RTA website

    It's probably fair to assume that it is the same for red P platers.
  19. I've stuck to the 80/90 limits and not once had anyone be pushy on the 110 freeway sections, truck or otherwise. That it could be a safety issue never even struck me because of the luck of tailgating or aggression. All the SMIDSYs have been in 50-60 zones.

    I've not been shy about taking the freeway either so that seems like a pretty ridiculous run of luck with everyone else talking about the danger so emphatically. I don't get it :<
  20. Any time you have vehicles of disparate speeds there is a vehicle convergence. In heavy traffic you may be travelling along at your 80k causing a crocodile tail of vehicles forced to slow from the posted limit. They jostle out to the faster lane causing braking of traffic there. alternatively in light traffic driving along with little attention on cruise control they come up on you quickly and may plough straight into the back of you.

    It is a stupid rule which no-one has been able to demonstrate has any benefit in lowering accidents among new riders.