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Red Police Cars/Mobile Speed cameras?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ZuberZuber, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. #1 ZuberZuber, Jan 24, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2013
    Was going along earlier today and may or may not have been speeding, and saw two cops standing outside a red car with what seemed to be some kind of speed monitoring device. They looked at me suspiciously, almost with a "what the hell are you doing?" kind of look.

    What exactly are these red cars for? No one came after me or anything. I nearly had a heart attack.

    Edit: It was a marked police vehicle.

  2. Those are actually zombie robots sent back from the future. Their "speed monitoring device" is actually a high tech "Laser marker" which invisibly marks future militants for after the uprising. If they pointed it at you chances are there is already a zombie robot hit squad on its way. The only way to get the laser mark off is to run around naked near an automatic opening door. The sensors are on the same wave length, but very weak, so you will have to run in and out of the door about 17 times to wipe off the mark.

    Or alternatively it was a red police car and you weren't speeding, or very slightly over and they couldn't be bothered.
  3. Could you pass me the technical details of all this? It's easier when I have some equations to work with, rather than the semantics, because someone said this to me before and I believed him, and then got busted for public obscenity.

  4. And did zombie robots eat your brains? No. Hence it worked. What would you rather?
  5. They're stealth vehicles for the red light districts.
  6. the red ones detect defective flux capacitors and it sounds like you have one. you need to get it fixed immediately.
  7. It was a Gaydar
    You can open the closet door now
    They know about you
  8. You can tell if it's one of those by the sound of their siren
  9. I nominate this for the 2013 dumbest question award.
  10. I got done by one last March/April. She wasn't happy I didn't pull over straight away. The way my van mirrors and windows are I couldn't see the word POLICE on the car...thought it was a firey and had no room to pull over so I sped up until I could get out of the way...dont think she liked that... Say no to red police cars I say!
  11. The same thing happened to me as well saw the cops they stared at me in the same manner like what the fark are you doing, then realised I was going 30 ks below the speed limit.:rofl:
  12. "Technically" I think you're really meant to pull over to the left and stop, no matter what kind of emergency vehicle it is. Not that I do that unless I think it's a cop, though - nor have I ever seen anyone else do so. Just one of those "official" road use practice type things no-one really remembers anymore I guess.
  13. errrr no


    Giving way to police and emergency vehicles
    79 Giving way to police and emergency vehicles

    (1) A driver must give way to a police or emergency vehicle that is displaying a flashing blue or red light (whether or not it is also displaying other lights) or sounding an alarm.
    Penalty: Offence provision.​
    Note: "Emergency vehicle" and "police vehicle" are defined in the dictionary.​
    Note: For this rule, "give way" means:
    (a) if the driver is stopped-remain stationary until it is safe to proceed, or​
    (b) in any other case-slow down and, if necessary, stop to avoid a collision,​
    -see the definition in the dictionary.​
    (2) This rule applies to the driver despite any other rule that would otherwise require the driver of a police or emergency vehicle to give way to the driver.​
  14. I stand corrected. I'll continue to at least move into the left hand lane whenever I see flashing red and blue lights in my mirrors though, as a general rule...
  15. This might be why I was confused... from the RTA driver knowledge test (http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/downloads/dkt_car.pdf):

    CG094 - General Knowledge RUH
    Generally, if you hear the siren of an emergency vehicle you should -
    - Pull over to the left until the emergency vehicle passes.
    - Immediately come to a stop.
    - Let the emergency vehicle pass and follow it closely behind.

    First option is marked as the correct answer. Guess it can be confusing depending on whether you interpret "pull over to the left" as "move to the left lane and continue driving" or "move to the left of the road and come to a stop". I'd be inclined to assume the latter, had I not read the part of the road rules you quoted.
  16. Yeah fair enough, there are some really stupid questions in there.

    One of the questions I got in my motorcycle test was what is the most common type of motorbike accident involving another vehicle?

    The options I can remember were a vehicle turning right from the opposite direction, and minor accidents from parking cars.

    Now obviously the first is what we need to be wary of, but if there are more of these than minor parking prangs.
  17. try the youtube dvd collection, your answer awaits

  18. Harsh. But fair.
  19. What was the "correct" answer?

    I would have thought situations with cars coming out of side streets into the path of motorcycles would be up there with the more common ones - or cars merging into a lane already occupied by a bike (ie SMIDSY).

    In fact I was almost SMIDSY'd yesterday on my way to work - in my work car! Ford Territory too, with headlights on, so not exactly hard to see... Made me think, if it's that easy for someone not to see me in a reasonably big car like that, how easy would it be to not see me when I'm on the bike?
  20. I think they were the other option. Car turning from opposite is the most common.

    Getting merged on and hit is surprisingly uncommon. What a lot of people do is check mirrors, start moving then head check before they are into the lane. I've been guilty of this way to many times to admit but have never been close to hitting someone.

    Plus they are very easy to avoid.