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Red or Grey

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jord4231, Jun 7, 2015.


Yamaha Tracer Red Or Grey?

Poll closed Jun 14, 2015.
  1. Red

  2. Grey

  1. Been saving and selling like crazy to buy a new bike,
    I'm looking at the first week of October and I just can't wait!

    Anyway what do you all think red or grey?


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  2. grey, always grey. even when grey isnt an option; grey
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  3. Red, I like a bit of colour and there is still plenty of grey.
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  4. I choose grey. I don't think there is enough red on the red bike. It is really grey with red bling added.
  5. Tough decision. I'm having the same problem with the MT-07. I quite like the red. I'd like to think it may stand out a little more in poor lighting conditions.

    Remember, all the red or corresponding grey bits on the other bike are all plastic. You could take them off at point and plastidip them any colour you want and when you get sick off it peel it off and go original or go a different colour :)
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  6. Red, always red. even when red isnt an option; red
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  7. I do like the red my self .
    I'm so bad with making colour choices
  8. Grey,it'll colour coordinate with anything
  9. Red!

    Otherwise people will nick name your bike '50 shades of Grey' :)
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  10. I don't really like red (in general), but I reckon I would choose the red out of the 2, it's hot! and there's not too much of it.

    Plus, red goes faster.
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  11. I'm going with the red
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  12. I'd go with the scarlet one
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  13. I like the gray. It's no good owning leopard skin patterned vinyl pants if they don't stand out when I ride.

    On another note, what an excellent bike Yamaha have done well with this!
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  14. I would go grey if there is no black. I agree with Middo...the red is just grey with bling.

    Red doesn't stand out too well in low light either.
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  15. Grey.

    But hey, it's your bike - who cares what we all think, what do you prefer deep down inside?
  16. maybe you should rephrase the question
    red or gay?
  17. The red one comes with panniers so it's practically a no brainer.
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  18. Not sure I'm thinking red
  19. Is that supposed to be an insult or a good thing? I'm gay.....