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Red Nissan 300ZX Fairlady - attempted to shunt me into a parked car

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Quantum, May 18, 2012.

  1. Burwood Hwy, Burwood (East of Melbourne)
    A young driver (green P) in his heavily modded old red 300ZX coupe with a distinguishing black carbon fiber bonnet intentionally swerved into the left lane when I was passing, and very nearly shunted me into a parked car. He then followed me for some time thereafter but I managed to get behind him and he gave up.
    I reported the incident to the Camberwell Police (with his rego validated) but without a witness there was nothing other than harassing him they could do. If however he has targeted another motorcyclist then collectively we may have enough to have him busted before he kills someone.

  2. Easy - ll you have to do is post his rego # and then the police can receive numerous complaints about him
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  3. The car is unmistakable - the black carbon bonnet held with pins and R clips, huge exhaust (most of which misses the pipe - I'd expect the engine is on the way out with lots of blow-by. The front spoiler (if that is what it is called?) within 100mm of the road, black wheels with low profile tyres, lots of driving marks with duff duff music visibly moving the boot by several mm. Green P plate on the front only and the number plate on rear only. I figure it best not to post the rego, as separate incident records with the same rego presented would be stronger evidence.
  4. Ive got a red 300zx turbo, modded with black carbon fibre bonnet...............good thing i dont go to burwood lol.

    Try aus300zx.com for answers thats were most zed owners go............
  5. ^^^ or even live in the same state!
  6. Lol selective reading or just going blind from old age :p.......................all I saw was Burwood and we have Burwood in Sydney as well. I think I blanked out Melbourne the same way I automatically blank out AFL :p........
  7. post his rego and can find out more about him than he knows himself.

    but the op has 3 posts and motives cannot be trusted

  8. Lol. There are people here with 10,000 posts, who we shouldn't trust!!
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  9. Okay, my motives are simply that I want the Police to handle this without unnecessarily identifying myself to the offender. My reason? - simply that I'd rather not be a target next time he sees me. Car against bike - bike looses.

    The police officer, David McMahon at Camberwell has identified him. Without another incident, he is powerless and I declined their offer to contact him (for reasons of not being identified to the offender), unless I can get enough on him to give the law a chance to bust him in which case I will willingly testify.

    If I put the rego out there, and others identify him, where does this go? Nowhere good that I can see.
  10. If you were related to/sucking off a copper, the driver of that vehicle would probably be finding himself charged with attempted murder.

    Keep in mind that the VICPOL are a worthless, lazy bunch of gits, and you won't be disappointed by their inaction.
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  11. I had a similar incident happen to me a while ago, see here. I called the cops and they did nothing, I think you really need an independant witness to get anything to happen (which is almost impossible for these sorts of incidents). Good to hear that you weren't hurt during the incident, well done for getting his rego and reporting him anyway.
  12. Somethings missing from this story...

    A guy in a heavily modified vehicle (expensive).. randomly tried to shunt you for no reason at all? seems odd.

    Let us know if the cops do anything.. they probably won't.
  13. Very good point. Quntum was their anything you did to motivate him, even if it was very small?

    i.e. if you filtered past him then it would be a very good idea for anyone riding to not filter past this jerk as they could be hurt as a result.
  14. Time to revert to removing mirrors!
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  15. I live in the area. will keep an eye out
  16. Not really: some people are retards.

    Something similar happened to me. I had done nothing - really nothing, not even a tiny little bit of something, absolutely zero - to provoke it.

    Since then, I've fitted an intercom and handsfree to my bike/helmet and Bluetoothed my phone to it. If I don't like someones driving in future, I will just call the cops on the move.

    Here is an interesting story:

    Jamestown, California -- The CHP believes a Jamestown woman purposefully swerved her SUV into an opposing traffic lane, causing a motorcycle accident.

    CHP Sgt. Alan Pittman says it happened Friday night at around 5:30pm on Rawhide Road near the intersection of Highway 108. 29-year-old Kendra Youngman of Jamestown was driving a 2005 Chevy Tahoe and was being approached from behind by a group of motorcyclists. Also in her vehicle were an adult male and female juvenile. A motorcyclist identified as Jon Brown crossed over the double yellow lines and tried to pass Youngman, so she swerved into the opposing traffic lane. Brown lost control of the bike and ran into a wooden power pole and barbed wire fence. He suffered a broken arm in the crash.

    Many of the other motorcyclists then chased down Youngman's vehicle and told her that she must go back to the accident scene. Youngman agreed, and turned the Chevy Tahoe around and went back to the crash.

    "At which time, one of the other riders (Michael Dixon Jr., 49, of Belmont, CA) got the male passenger out of Ms. Youngman's vehicle and proceeded to punch him in the face," says Sgt. Pittman. "Another one of the motorcycle riders (Hans A. Brenner, 53, of Copperopolis) then made threats to commit great bodily harm to Ms. Youngman and her family."

    The CHP soon arrived and made multiple arrests. Dixon was charged with battery, DUI, and possession of marijuana. Brenner was arrested for threatening to commit death or great bodily harm, and possession of a controlled substance (prescription pill). Youngman was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

    The CHP notes that the investigation is ongoing. Youngman did not know the motorcyclists, and they had not had any prior contact.


    I can imagine the scene when the other bikers "told" Youngman she must return to the scene and she "agreed".
  17. Expensive? It would have been in its time. The 300ZX Fairlady was on the market from 1983-2000. It was quite old, with lots of damage and there was more smoke (blow by) appearing from underneath the body than from the 250mm exhaust tail pipe. I suspect it wouldn't be worth more than $1k.

    The cops aren't taking this any further. Officer David McMahon has taken notes (maybe recorded our conversation?). I have no idea how/ if they could connect his notes with any future incidents with this guy. I'd hope that it could have been recorded on the guy's licence or rego but I doubt the Vic Roads database has the capacity to record unsupported allegations.

    I was commuting and the worst I do is filter to the front of cars when stationary at traffic lights. I had done this earlier but he was two lanes away.
    I suspect it was the bike (Kawasaki ZX-10R) rather than the rider that got his attention. By his erratic acceleration, he was probably trying to bait me into a race, to which I wouldn't (and never do) respond.

    The guy seemed to be high on something, I suspect he downed around three cans of Coke during the episode while the duff-duff music would been at 110+ decibels.
  18. It doesn't seem odd at all. - There are plenty of cockheads out there who simply don't like motorcyclists and will deliberately cut us off/swerve into us/open their doors when we try to filter past them, etc.
  19. When you say heavily modified.. i assumed expensive.

    If you had said, a bogan in a shitbox with a loud exhaust and a fake carbon fibre hood.
    it would be a different kettle of fish.

    I know there's people out there that don't like bikes.. but it just sounded odd that's all.
    You could have antagonized him without even knowing it..

    You did the right thing by not racing him.
  20. I've had kids in their ultra-cool cars trying to push me off the road while I was riding my pushbike. I am pretty sure that I never gave them any reason!

    Honestly, some guys don't need a reason to do stupid things. Especially when they're together with their mates in a car and have nothing else to do. I'm just glad I haven't met them yet while on my Spada.
    (Not that long ago at stupid o'clock in the night some kids in their duff-duff-car went so close to me on my pushbike, that the passenger leaned out his window and hit my head/helmet with his fist. God I can tell you, that woke me up! What happened to 'guys aren't allowed to hit girls'??)