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Red lights (with cams) & allowing emergency vehicles thr

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by uncletoby, Oct 30, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I couldn't find anything on this in the forums so hopefully this hasn't been done before.

    Does anyone know what will happen if you go through a red light with a red light camera to allow emergency vehicles through?

    I assume you would be issued a fine, but then you write a letter in saying there was an emergency vehicle needing access.

    If anyone knows of anything official/has happened to you before, I would be grateful if you could let us know.


  2. In theory, if you go through the light, then an emergency vehicle also goes through the light, you should both get flashed, there is your proof.
    Just right them a letter and they can check the pics to see if an emergency vehicle has infact followed through immediately after you have.
    My mum was had this dilemma, but the pics proved her in the right and the fine was revoked.
  3. Although you must give way to an emergency vehicle which has it's lights and siren operating the driver of the emergency vehicle must also obey all road laws and if a collision occurs and said driver breached a road law he/she is in trouble.

    That said the best approach is t wait until the vehicle is within photo range and then do a left turn out of it's way (block other lanes if required), that way you aren't entering the intersection and th photo's should show as much. Plus the fact a BRT is sitting right behind you will help.
  4. The "give way to emergency vehicle" road rule superseeds all other road rules as long as it is "safe and reasonable to do so".

    So you should be OK with red light camera's. If you do get a fine just follow Cas V1's suggestion and you should be fine
    Having said all that, if you are involved in an accident whilst breaking a road rule to give way to an emergency vehicle it is deemed that it is not safe and reasonable to break that road rule and you will be in trouble.

    A good emergency vehicle driver will recognise when a driver is nervous about breaking a road rule and will not pressure a driver to break the road rule. I know I've been in an emergency vehicle when we've come up to an intersection with a driver ahead of us who was obviously nervous about running the red light, we just stopped a few meters behind him, turned off the siren and just pulsed it occasionally so that he was aware that when the lights turned green we still needed to get past him.

    An emergency service would rather have to wait the extra 30 seconds and arive that bit later to their destination than not arive at all because they have to stop at the scene of a crash on the way.[/quote]
  5. In victoria -

    "306. Exemption for drivers of emergency vehicles
    A provision of the Road Rules does not apply to the driver of an emergency
    vehicle if—
    (a) in the circumstances—
    (i) the driver is taking reasonable care; and
    (ii) it is reasonable that the rule should not apply; and
    (b) if the vehicle is a motor vehicle that is moving—the vehicle is displaying
    a blue or red flashing light or sounding an alarm."

    There is no direct exemption for motorcycles and cars. However, if disputing, you can argue that you wish for an exemtion, as

    "(i) the driver is taking reasonable care; and
    (ii) it is reasonable that the rule should not apply"

    (Due to assisting an emergency vehicle, being the first responder/establishing a perimeter at a crash site, etc)
  6. I was always under the impression that if you are already stopped, then stay stopped as its easier for the emergency vehicle to go on the otherside of the road to go around you.

    Also if there is no other alternative, the emergency vehicle usually has the ability to make the lights change for them (seen it happen several times)
  7. Re: Red lights (with cams) & allowing emergency vehicles

    This happened to a friend of mine. A cop car was blocking off an intersection for an ambulance and he was the only car in the right turning lane. The ambo needed to go straight, but he was really the only person that could move. He moved forward into the middle of the intersection and the ambo was able to get through.

    He just wrote to Civic Compliance (who probably accessed D24 (police command) logs where they had a record of emergency services vehicles there and they cancelled the fine.

    If worst came to worst (which I highly doubt), take it to court.
  8. That is certainly my understanding as well.

    Over here (WA) you are not allowed to go through a red light to clear the way because you see an emergency vehicle coming up behind you. You are not allowed to breach any road laws. So yes you stay put and if they are in a hurry THEY are the ones that need to go around you. THEY can go onto the wrong side of the road, its not up to you to decide to go through red lights or cross to the wrong side of the road, or to drive on a footpath.

    The exception is there is a rule which states you must obey instructions from an emergency person. So if they specifically direct you to go through a red light or anything, then you follow their instructions.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's now Standard Operating Procedure for Emergency Vehicles stuck in traffic (or Railway Crossings), they just prop and turn off the siren until they can find a gap. The best thing they did was change the driver training from get there quickly to get there safely as the extra 20-30 seconds usually wont make too much difference.
  10. It is, however I have seen some people who get "siren fever" and that sort of thing goes straight out of the window. They occasionally need to be reminded by the rest of us in the vehicle to take it easy (I have been in an emergency vehicle where there was no clear way through an intersection where the driver of our vehicle has sat right on the bumper of a car with lights and sirens going until he was told to shut them off).
  11. Thanks for the responses everyone,

    It's just been something playing on my mind for a while now and i've nearly been in the situation a few times lately.
  12. That obviously doesnt apply to the cops in brisbane, they come up to you bumper with siren lights and start beeping the horn until you go through the red light. They dont even try to go around they just expect you to move for them
  13. [​IMG]

    Incorrect. (for Mexico anyway)

    <edit> Realised rs101 posted details.
  14. If an emergency vehicle driver has caused a collision by breaking a road law, even under lights & sirens, they are personally held responsible for the collision. They are permitted to breach road laws when safe to do so but not at the expense of other road users safety.

    That's one of the reasons why they changed the training to get there safely instead of get there in a hurry.