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Red Light while turning right

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Iondah, May 21, 2008.

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  1. I just received a nasty "reminder notice" from Victoria Policy (even though I never received the first one, but there's another gripe).

    This one is for running a red light back in March at the corner of Peel St and Victoria St in Melbourne.

    The problem with this is that I was turning right into Victoria st. Now I don't remember the that instance particularly because it was a while ago, but if I was held up by another car, or one coming through the organge, I don't think it's right that I should get pinged for not completing the turn. It also says I was on red for 0.8 seconds which seems really tight.

    I have to check out the photos tomorrow, but I would like some advice on this as it seems to be a bit of a grey area.

    For those interested I found this topic on Fight Fines forum discussing this exact intersection: http://www.fightfines.info/forums/showthread.php?t=121
  2. If you had entered the intersection before it turned red, you would be fine. Ie. Cross the solid white line while it was still yellow or green and you're fine. You can wait 2 minutes in the middle of the intersection and you won't get pinged (at least not by the camera)

    With the multipurpose green lights, your best bet is to always sneak as far forward as possible so you can turn when the light turns red. But if you enter the intersection on red, bye bye.

    Red light cameras take 2 photo's and it sounds like you entered the intersection 0.8seconds after the red light started. Suck up the $180 and 3 points mate.

    There's no gray area here at all and you will find it might hard to contest if the photo's speak the truth (which they probably will).
  3. There was a truck in front of you obstructing your view. Tell them this.
  4. ...and when they look at the photo and see open space?
  5. My mum actually had a truck blocking her view, it shown in the photo and it was emphasized by the fact that she was in a little MG F coupe. My mum entered an intersection where the arrows were on a different board and all she could see was a green light, due to a truck.

    When she tried to contest it, all she got was.

    Due to the serious nature of the offence blah blah blah. Traffic light offences are of particular concern blah blah blah.

    It was her first TIN in about 15 years and they didn't budge.
  6. If the intersection is blocked (perhaps by a truck) then you cannot legaly enter it anyway. The truck blocking the view is no defense because you should've sat behind the line until you had clear passge through the intersection.
  7. A guy got of a similar TIN last year..... cost him $30k+ and 16 months.

    The camera there is very active, i'd suggest waiting till the next light if there is a car in front, and it seems just a little possible you won't make it.

    Although the most flashy camera in the area is the king St West bound @ Hawk St corner. It's errol streets strobe light, idiots set it off so much(Speed and R/L)

    Also to note the one south bound Elizabeth street(Corner of Victoria street) Operates same as Peel/Vic corner. It's not worth trying to time it/risk it.
  8. Phizog... wtf??

    Anyway, so I went to look at the photos today... In both photos I'm in the intersection... i.e. There is no photo of me behind the white line or crossing the white line. So that means no evidence.

    I dont know about their sensor thingo, maybe it got triggered by a car turning left out of shot?

    So, I'll write them a letter and see how that goes. I'm not going to deal with the hassle of dealing with taking it to court though.

    Looks like someone did the hard yards to get out of this sort of thing:
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  10. Has it jogged your memory/ "false memory" enough to garner the events leading up to and including that point?
  11. In theory each photo should also show a traffic light somewhere so you can see if it's Red or Amber when you entered.

    If it's Red in both pics you're screwed.

    there was another thread on here a few months ago and the opinion back then was you couldn't even cross the white line and enter the intersection under green to make a turn if you couldn't complete the turn (Hook turns exempted) without stopping first.
  12. Then it's wrong. It's legal to enter any intersection on Green. If you enter on Amber it's debatable, in that if possible you should have stopped.
    The red light cameras should show the bike crossing the sensor after the lights went red. If the bike was in the intersection before the lights went red, something else triggered the sensor, but the cam caught the bike.

    Write a letter, explaining that you were in the interesection already.
  13. Better still go to the Traffic Camera Office in the city and look at the photo's and ask the counter staff for thier opinion and if the reviewers got it wrong then they might save you having to write a letter??
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